Mike Huckabee

For more on Mike Huckabee, go to this video and check it out at about the 8:30 mark. Or watch it from the beginning, the entire thing is good.

The Golden Compass

I go to the movie theater on average about twice a year. I’m rather picky about what I will go to see. I saw all the Star Wars movies, the Lord of the Rings, and the Incredibles at the theater when they came out but I did not go out to watch the Spidermans, the Saw movies, or the Transformers. As a general rule I won’t even consider going out to watch a movie with a stupid name but I intend to make an exception in order to see The Golden Compass. I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the movie as an artistic work but I want to see what all the furor is about. Rabid Catholics and evangelicals are criticizing this movie for carrying a heavy anti-religious message so I want to see if story is done well.

The objection raised against this film’s anti-religious message reminded me of the arguments made from the other side with the release of Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ.” I remember my brother telling me he would not go see the movie because he did not want to support Mel Gibson’s efforts to convert people. I told him I was immune to any proselytizing message and that I wanted to see the movie because I wanted to hear Aramaic actually spoken. My daughter, on the other hand, did not want to see it because she was afraid she would laugh out loud when Jesus was getting the beat down, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway I thought the Passion was a reasonably well done movie (all controversy aside) and I hope the Golden Compass is too. Atheism deserves a fair shake at the box office and anyone who seeks to quash the message is just as un-American as people who want to suppress religion. In a free society ideas should be allowed to stand (or not) on their own. Public discourse and the fires of practical application make censorship unnecessary for all ideas that don’t involve crimes in some other respect. No one fears scrutiny more than he who hawks an inferior product.

Anyway I haven’t read Phillip Pullman’s works but I hope he can convey his message without being too preachy. A-theism is, by definition, a rejection of the concept of god (or, if you prefer, gawd, or de lawd), and I’m not sure a message of anti-something can come across as effectively as a message that is for something. I would much prefer to see a message that is pro-rational or an advocacy of science and reason. Be that as it may I will withhold judgment until I’ve actually seen the movie. I can only hope that this film does for atheism what Roseanne did for fat people.

On second thought, I take that back.

Ricky Holland is Dead Again!!!

Just when you thought that Ricky Holland couldn’t get more dead, the Lansing State Journal comes out with yet another article about him. So the news today is that Ricky Holland is dead again!!! Jesus Christ, this kid dies more than I do when I’m all by myself on the Vertigo map on America’s Army. Thanks, Lansing State Journal, for keeping us up to the minute with the news. Clearly nothing of note happens in today’s world so we have to keep recycling stuff that happened in previous times. Hey, I have an idea: why not dig up Ricky’s skeleton and stick him on a mantle at the LSJ lobby? You can put a candle in his skull for effect because that would seem like the thing to do.

14-Year Old Dies for Near-Eastern Sky God


The story is here.

Mitt Romney Thinks Honesty is a Vice

CNN asks the question was Obama’s answer about drug use too honest? I thought it was a stupid question. If it’s one thing that set me against Bill Clinton it was the fact that he lied to us about fucking Monica Lewinski and I believe he lied when he said he didn’t inhale. I found Obama’s forthright admission of past drug use to be both politically astute and morally refreshing. The American public is willing to forgive past transgressions (in this case I mean that the transgression in the legal, not the moral sense) as long as people are up front. Apparently Mitt Romney disagrees:

If you ask Republican rival Mitt Romney, Obama’s comments were too honest.

“I think in order to leave the best possible example for our kids, we’re probably wisest not to talk about our own indiscretions in great detail,” Romney said.

Sooooo the example you want to set for our kids is to be a fact obscuring hypocrite? That’s all I need to know about Mitt Romney to know I will never vote for him. I have more concerns about a candidate who conceals the truth today than I do about a candidate who used drugs in the past. I don’t believe that falsifying reality is a virtue. I’m especially against lying (or committing any other offense) for the sake of the children. Knowing nothing else about the candidates I’d put Obama ahead of both Mitt Romney and above anybody with the surname Clinton.

Also, the gauntlet has been thrown down Hillary. What do you think about Bill’s bullshit didn’t inhale response today?

Finances are All Set


Seriously, this guy might need psychiatric attention more than jail time. This is more crazy than stupid (although it is both).

World of Warcraft

I’m in. I’m like a level 8 now which means I’m still a nub. I don’t care, it’s awesome. I don’t have a plan, I just go around and do stuff. I’m gonna have to make a screenshot of my character. I am PokemonHateyou.

Brain Burner


What do illiterate people do to pass the time when they’re on the toilet?????

(this is not a riddle, I really can’t begin to figure this one out)

Fat Megan’s Law

The family of the 13-year old girl who killed herself after an online hoax is trying to change the law to make it illegal for an adult to pose as a teenager on the internet. How utterly stupid. It’s already against the law to try to seduce a minor so that is not what this law is about. This is about making it a crime for someone to make-believe over the internet for the purposes of teasing people. Earth to the grieving parents, your daughter isn’t dead because of a hoax, your daughter is dead because she had low self esteem, because she was fat and unpopular, and because she was colossally terrible at conflict resolution. I’m not saying this because I think it’s funny, I’m saying this because it is the absolute truth.

Part of the alleged online harassment against the daughter included a message from the fictitious boy she was corresponding with, saying “the world would be better off without you.” So in order to emotionally get back at this boy she kills herself (Haha, I’ll show you, and then you’ll feel bad while I’m laughing from my grave!) Call that what you want but it’s not a well thought out plan. This girl didn’t kill herself because she was harassed, she killed herself because she had no self esteem and because she desired and didn’t get outside validation. The harassment was just the final straw but that cannot be held as to be the reason for the suicide. Kid and adults tease each other all the time. You will never never never never never never NEVER be able to legislate that out of existence, nor should you seek to.

If you want to do your kids a favor, don’t try to pass a law, tell them what I tell my kids: Self esteem comes from within (hello, that’s why it start with “self”). People who require validation from external sources in order to justify themselves are tragedies waiting to happen. FUCK anybody who talks about you. Do they put money in your pocket? If it matters to you what other people think then you’re in for a long ride because there are like 6 billion people on this planet so good luck to you because every day’s gonna be a minefield. Or you can do the smart thing and get your sense of value from yourself. Arm yourself with a healthy dose of egoism and it won’t matter what anybody else says about you online, whether it’s a teen-age boy or your classmate’s mother playing pretend. Always value yourself first, even if people think you are a fat cruel slut.

Need is Not a Value

It’s one of Ayn Rand’s best lines and perhaps the closest way possible to sum up her Rational Objectivist philosophy in one short statement. To say “need is not a value” is to nip altruist-collectivist ethics and all its damnable spawn in the bud. The underlying idea within this statement is that the ends do not justify the means. It is also all the moral protection an individual needs against a panhandler (although against a mugger one could also use a physical weapon, “need is not a value” is still the only moral defense required). I am fond of this line, although many people would regard it as heartless, so it is interesting that in reading the news today it seems that the animal rights advocates could now be usurping this very idea.

It seems that many deer hunters are now donating some or all of their kill to programs that would feed the homeless with venison. Hunters are typically thought of as right wing NRA gun nuts and feeding the poor is something that is normally championed by the left so this case would seem something like win/win, would it not? But it seems that some people on the ideological left are not swayed the collectivist-altruistic actions of these hunters. This from the article:

“If hunters are donating the spoils, [feeding the hungry] is really a secondary issue” says Michael Markarian, executive vice president of the Humane Society.

Wait, what?? The ends no longer justify the means? Suddenly there are intrinsic truths that must be adhered to in order to judge the ethical value of an action? There are some lines you simply cannot cross in order to accommodate the poor? Can this line of reasoning be used in defense of property rights? Oh PLEASE open this can of worms!