Child Support

Supporting children? That sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? That’s one way of putting it. Or you could call it “Government sponsored stealing to encourage divorce and reward people who break up families by giving them money they didn’t earn in order to subsidize single parenthood because apparantly there aren’t enough children who are being raised in fucked up single parent homes.” I think they would have called it that but “child support” has a nicer ring to it. Or “slice open the daddy so everyone else can feast off his entrails for a season: a study in short term solutions.” No, that’s too long too.

Given that child support formulas punish people who earn more and reward people for earning less, maybe we can just call it “socialism.” I like the term “stealing” but I don’t think many of these pigs feasting at the trough of somebody else’s work product are going to go for that. How is my mood today? I don’t know and don’t care. I used to feel motivated to do a good job in hopes for a raise. Now I’ve got a soviet-like kind of resignation about it. The State of Michigan just hiked up the cigarette tax yet again. Maybe I’ll become a cigarette smuggler.


Evil Leroy’s team has been vanquished. Good Leroy’s team (my team) prevailed 3 rounds to 1 settling once and for all who is the better team. That is unless we play them on position night in which case it will be settled once and for all again. My team’s female player wore the “Nice Rack” t-shirt. Indeed it is a nice rack. Life is good.

After the match, the opposing team captain, Tom Symonds, had this to say:

“But. . .”

Every thing after that was pretty much irrelevent. I showed my sportsmanship by putting money in the jukebox, playing “We Are the Champions” by Queen.

Huh huh! I said “Queen”.

Game Day

It is grudge match day as my pool team, Leroy’s team 12 plays againt the evil Leroy’s team for our only scheduled match against each other this season. A lot is at stake, not only because our teams are right next to each other in the league standings but also bragging rights and my own personal vendetta being that the Evil Leroy’s team stole two players who had originally committed to my team before the season started. This is a day long awaited.

This will be a match for the ages, especially for me since I’ll be playing the other team’s pool captain. If we are victorious, details will follow tomorrow. If we lose I’ll write a post about something else completely. Right now, adreneline is pumping (and it’s only 10:30 a.m.)

Mixing Pot

Lansing Michigan must be the Mixed People Capitol of the World. I’ve spent the past week hanging out with this biracial girl (black and white). The other night we were hanging out and ran into my half brother’s half sister Marissa (black and Mexican). Then things started going kind of wrong so I was commiserating with my friend Damion (black and white). The biracial girl didn’t go to the bar last night but I did see her ex boyfriend Steve from high school (black and white.) Today I’ve been just maxing out at home with my biracial kids (black and Mexican.) Oh plus I’m upset because I lost a $100 bet in pool. The guy who won was a black guy. So that was different.
(They guy who he beat was mixed, black and white.)


This lesbian couple was just married Thursday in San Fransisco, the first time that gay couples were ever issued marriage licenses. This marriage is just wrong. They’re too old to be married.

We Love to See You Smile

Slow day for ideas. This will have to do for today’s entry.

Pool Players

Pool players are a different breed. Whether they are the ones who beat you quietly or if they talk to you while they’re at it, with the very good ones there is a certain swagger when they approach the table. How’s that Nike commercial go? I’m better than you, and I can prove it. When the place is packed with my immediate circle of pool playing cohorts, there is so much arrogance packed into the area that the walls are fit to burst. And arrogance is not a vice if you can back it up with ability.

When it’s just the players there it’s all about the games and that’s enough, but when there are non-players present and they are watching the table, the payoff to your ego can be incredible. I’m not an elite player, but when I’m on a roll I can make some shots to make the neophytes’ jaws drop. Sometimes the only shot you can see is to kick the cue ball off the rail, hit the five into the two cross corner pocket. And sometimes that shit actually works. When that happens I like to go straight to my next shot without any reflection as if I fully expected the previous one to go in, as if I make those all the time.

The best thing is to follow that up with a fundamentally sound game, beat an elite pool player, and quietly say “Nice game.” It’s more impressive than doing cartwheels and dancing the Pee-Wee Herman. When you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.

The other night my pool team was in the midst of a hard fought league night that was poised to go either way. It was clutch time in the second round and I said to them, “Come on y’all, this is what we live for!” A female friend who had shown up to watch turned to me and said “This is what you live for. Don’t nobody else live for this.” Lauri, my team’s female player, looked at her and said, “It’s why I’m here. I love this game.” Yeah, I was thinking. How you like me now? But the other chick still didn’t understand. You have to be a pool player to understand. A pool player is a different breed.

The other MexiMuslim gets to see a lawyer. Padilla I can’t help but to think that if he ever finds out about me he’s going to claim to be the real MexiMuslim, having hooked up with Al Qaida and all. I’m not much of a Muslim lately. I can’t even remember the last time I ever thought about blowing anything up.

Dummy Awards

He he, you go Darwin! Can you hear me now?

Because the French Haven’t Alienated Enough People Yet

Maybe they want to make sure that anti French sentiment doesn’t become too partisan so they had to even it out by alienating the other side too. This sickens me. Is there really any difference between a government that dictates that women must veil and one that dictates that women are not ALLOWED to? Since France is becoming a religion-hostile state, I’m throwing away my Smurf collection. And since they’re evidently against freedom I hope nobody pulls their coals out of the fire the next time Germany gets a little liebenstraum-happy. And just when I was beginning to think they were ok.
(Just kidding, I never thought the French were ok)