Clicking an “About” link means you are gay. So flounce on out!!!

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  1. okay, and please tell me why you haven’t gone back to school and grabbed that Ph.D by Now Mr. (edited)? Anywho, forgot to inform you…remember my brother Ricky (former Mr. Football and NFL Camper), well he’s been living here for the last month or so (in Dewitt, Hokyville is what he call it). I love reading your blogs…they are amusing. I have one on Myspace/davistyr if you want another laugh…

    The Force will be With you. Always.

  2. mexi says:

    I will check it out man! Oh and btw I don’t use my last name here so I edited your comment in that regard. Heh!

  3. Andrea says:

    What is your obsession with gays and lesbians? What was your whole purpose for mentioning Karen Corr and clearly you have some kind of personal fascination with this whole topic to dedicate a website to it!

  4. mexi says:

    I have not dedicated an entire website to gays and lesbians, I mention the topic seldom and when I do so it is to the point of either understanding the human brain, sexuality as pertains to personality type, or the hotness of lipstick lesbians. To answer your second question, I greatly admire Karen Corr. I place no value judgment, either positive or negative, on her or anyone else’s sexual orientation. It just IS. Just like Danny Phantom and Spongebob.

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