We Michiganders refer to it as “pop”. Texans call it all “Coke”, regardless of the brand. In other places it is referred to as soda or soda pop. Whatever it is, it has been ubiquitous ever since it was invented by mad scientists on the east coast in the 1800s.

When I was a teenager I was addicted to Coke. I drank about a two liter a day which had the effect of familiarizing me with the metric system as well as serving as a gateway drug to the horrors of coffee. Coca-Cola Classic has been my soft drink of choice for the greater part of my life, yet as I live and breathe I’m typing away here drinking a Mountain Dew (which is what my 17 year old son is addicted to). Which brings me to the subject of this blog entry and my question to you: what is YOUR soft drink of choice?

5 Responses to “Pop”

  1. Phelps says:

    I have a Sprite with lunch sometimes, and Coke is dandy for putting rum in. If I’m not having 7-Up in a 7&7. Other than that, I occasionally have a Dr. Pepper on the weekends.

    I stopped drinking sugar water all the time about 4 years ago.

  2. mexi says:

    Similarly, I usually drink coffee rather than soda pop to avoid a possible diabeating.

  3. I like Coke or Pepsi since I can’t get RC cola in Phoenix

  4. mexi says:

    My new thing is this: the next time a begger tries to make me feel guilty for not giving them money by saying “God bless you” I’m going to immediately sneeze and then say thank you.

  5. I just ask them for money when I see them coming they always say no and walk away mumbling something about me being a jerk

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