Epistles Me Off

In the news today, a man claims that his iPod burst into flames causing his pants to catch on fire. Or so he says. If his pants are on fire, does that not directly impugne his credibility?

I noticed that when I’m on a Windows computer and I’m getting ready to enter a blog entry there are two tabs options to enter a post, one for visual and one for code. The page defaults to visual but I prefer to use the one that says code because I’m in the habit of typing in my own html code myself. Then when I’m on a mac it only shows code which is the way I like it. Hooray for mac.

While I’m at it, you know what else I hate? When I’m looking for news and I click on a link thinking it’s going to make me to a written article but instead it takes me to a video of the news. They shouldn’t intersperse the written articles with the video ones. If I wanted to sit there waiting for some pigf*cking talking-head to get to the point I would turn on the tellie. I like to read because I read quickly, I don’t need somebody to narrate a story to me while I sit there all glassy eyed and drooling on myself. Those news pieces that actually have video footage should be set off to the side under a heading that says “video”. Some news pages organize it like this, others do not. Get it together!


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  1. Phelps says:

    Alright, I’ll get the scissoring oil and the razor.

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