The 80s

Since DG thinks it’s a good idea to post pictures of herself from the 1980s on her blog I’ve decided that I would do the same. 

This picture was taken in the summer of 1986 in Columbus, Georgia on my first brief escape from West Texas. On the left you have the infamous Tyrone Tronae Allen Christopher Davis (don’t even ask). Jenn, for your reference, those multi-colored shorts I was wearing are what’s known as Jamz. Although you can only see the top of them in that picture I think you get the gist. It would have been a better picture if God hadn’t totally flubbed it by deciding to put the sun in the wrong place. Way to go God.


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  1. faye says:

    I love this

  2. DG says:

    Jamz rocked, as did parachute pants, Vans, and anything fluorescent and off-the-shoulder. While you might have looked a tad gay workin’ a Flashdance-style sweatshirt, I wore it with aplomb. Please give Mr. Miyagi my regards. You’re a dead ringer for Ralph Macchio.

  3. Mexigogue says:

    OMG. In my freshman year I was skinny as HELL and I had a Japanese rising sun bandanna on (I can’t find the pictures). Everybody in the hallways at Lansing Eastern kept shouting “KARATE KID!” and I hadn’t seen the movie and I was like “WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP SAYING THAT TO ME??” Then later I saw the movie and I was like oh.

  4. I like that gay net tank top you are wearing, instead of the JAMZ you should have worn some leather pants and a biker hat

  5. Mexigogue says:

    In an era that featured El Debarge, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Ready For the World, my shirt wasn’t all that gay by comparison.

  6. Those guys aren’t exactly the standard for masculinity. Know what I’m saying?

  7. The Infamous says:

    Uhm….you know…there are times when I just laugh at you…and then there are times when I wish I could have just smacked Ms. Ross on her Booty Bubblicious–it was the best of times….it was the worst of times–it was…the day the Curlfro Stood Still. Oh, and I’m more masculine that the most gay female back then….Nerds RULE!!!

  8. mexi says:

    Did you already have a copy of that picture? Because if you didn’t I thought you’d appreciate having it now!

  9. The Infamous says:

    No, I didn’t…thanks for the memories. Oh, if you want to see something interesting check this link out:

  10. Mexigogue says:

    That’s not Spiderman!

  11. Impressive drawing and cool video. Napoleon Dynamite you are not…

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