The Simpsons

Much like Muhammad Ali’s final bouts at the end of his career, the Simpsons, now in it’s 19th season, has become pathetic and strictly unwatchable. I say this because I actually witnessed this season’s premier episode last night (watch is a verb I reserve for seeings things that are enjoyable, crimes can only be witnessed). The once heavyweight show of animation should have thrown the towel in at least seven years ago. The more classy thing to do would have been to go out on top even years before that like Bill Watterson did with Calvin and Hobbes but that is not to be. Watching the Simpsons now is like seeing your mom get beat up in a bar fight when she’s drinking Milwaukee’s Best.

What’s wrong with the show? Well for starters, it isn’t funny anymore, and that’s just the beginning of its problems. Secondly, the story lines are not even remotely believable and you can’t keep an audience even nominally interested in the unfolding events when Homer successfully crash lands an errant plane and then accidently drives it forward off a cliff and into a large body of water. The characters all then come out unscathed as do the viewer’s facial muscles. The entire show continues in this disjointed action and it’s as if the charactes are just going through the motions of being the family we all used to know and love.

The writers, as if to offering an apology for the poor storyline, also toss in cameo voice appearances by Rush Limbaugh and Lionel Richie. Hello? These people aren’t even particularly likeable, not to mention even nominally funny. Nichole Richie would have been more to the point and Rush Limbaugh has about as much business doing cartoon voice-overs as he has doing the play-by-play commentary for ESPN football. Through last night’s entire episode of the Simpsons I counted how many times I laughed, it was exactly twice (and once was because my mind drifted and I was thinking about the Calgon “ancient Chinese secret” commercial, I kid you not). Why don’t they just stop? I say we’re lucky there’s a Family Guy.

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  1. Phelps says:

    Actually, I had decided halfway through the post to bitch about Family Guy too. That Star Wars episode was just painful. I figure that they had been wanting to do a SW episode for years and asking for Lucas’s permission, but he didn’t give it to them until they had already used all the good jokes in other episodes. I swear that I didn’t laugh for the first 20 minutes.

  2. Phelps says:

    Also, the Robot Chicken episode was soooooo much better that the Family Guy writers knew they had to rip on it at the end. Lame.

  3. mexi says:

    You didn’t laugh at the initial floating text speculation about what if Luke and Leia would have done it? Or when Brian was making a Wookie roar which just turned out to be gargling? Or when Chris (Luke) unexpectedly chopped that something’s head off near the beginning? Or at the creepy old molester-guy being cast as Obe Wan? I just wish they had found a larger role for Meg than just being that trash heap eyeball monster.

  4. Phelps says:

    I didn’t start laughing until the Obi-Wan scene.

  5. mexi says:

    His solo was disturbing.

  6. I liked that Simpsons episode, yeah the show declined with all of the guest stars but the plots were always unbelieveable. I love the Family Guy episode and how they tried to rip the Robot Chicken stuff at the end, Classic

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