The Scary Face Candidate

I was checking out the other blogs out there and I stumbled upon one authored by a Mexican Jew. Besides the fact that it’s mildly disturbing that his very existence appears coldly calculated to mock mine, he makes one very good point about Presidential candidate John Kerry:

John Kerry keeps winning primary’s (sic). That guy has a scary face. He’ll get my vote in November, of course, but his face really is quite scary, and most people agree. I guess his face will be a good terrorism deterrent, in that it will scare terrorists away from us. Right? Err.. yeah.

I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only person who got creeped out my his mug. Granted, I’m not the best looking bloke in the world but all John Kerry needs is a slight green tinge and some bolts coming out of neck and. . . well, you know where this is going. And I don’t agree with Mexijew’s contention that electing Kerry will deter terrorism; I think it will in fact double it and actually make it look justifiable.

That said, I don’t like our choices for President on either side. I’d gladly pop the chad (that just sounds wrong) for any candidate who would actually hack away at the size of the government but I don’t think anyone exists in either major party who is really going to do that. A vote either way is no win for me in that respect. It’s like a leading question in the courtroom (When did you stop beating your wife?) Al Shartpon comes to mind both as an obvious protest vote and because it might be kind of fun to actually have a pimp in the White House. Perhaps he would also make me Minister of Leroy’s.

On second thought, I might end up voting for Bush after all. If nothing else I know it will cancel out MexiJew’s ballot.

3 Responses to “The Scary Face Candidate”

  1. The Mexijew says:

    Hey man, my existance isn’t “coldly calculated” to mock yours. has been around since December 2000, so it seems yours is here to mock my existance.

    Just kidding. I think it’s pretty cool that there’s a Mexijew and a MexiMuslim. I’m not some crazy, angry, moronic Jew who hates Muslims, btw. One of my best friends is, in fact, a practicing Muslim.

    Would it be cool if I linked to you from my site?

  2. Mexigogue says:

    By all means. Jews and Muslims might not be able to agree on much but for one day we can all come together and agree that John Kerry has a scary face. Cease fire everybody, dammit this is important!

  3. The Mexijew says:

    LOL. Cool. I’ll have your link up there by the end of the day today.