Staking a Claim

In the news, four decades after the United States planted its flag on the moon, Russia has announced that it is sending a submarine on a mission to plant a flag at the bottom of the Arctic ocean in order to symbolically stake Russia’s claim to the ocean with all its oil and mineral rights. “The Arctic is Russian” Artur Chilingagrov argues, “We are going to be the first to put a flag there, a Russian flag at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, at the very point of the North Pole.”

In other news Poland has in turn announced its own plan to plant a flag on the sun.

6 Responses to “Staking a Claim”

  1. Dan Stowell says:

    Well if Russia has all those oil rights then we can go to war with them for seemingly no reason at all?Pollocks going to sun…cliche dude.

  2. Dan Stowell says:

    However, on the subject of global warming I have only one comment;WE DIDN’T LISTEN!

  3. mexigogue says:

    Who needs the environment? We still have an entire moon we can live on if we ever manage to land on it. I don’t think we actually made it there in the 1960’s, that was just cold war propaganda. Isn’t the government gonna have some ‘splaining to do when we finally land there and find out there really ARE large bat people already inhabiting the place?

  4. Dan Stowell says:

    Actually it’s been proven that there are Crab People there.

  5. Phelps says:

    But this means that we should be able to claim Russia’s sea areas, since there are all sorts of listening devices with “MADE IN THE USA” all over them on the bottom of the ocean.

  6. mexi says:

    I sometimes ask chicks if I can write my name inside their vagina, kind of like signing a guest-book. Can you imagine if THAT fad caught on?

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