I was just watching something on TV about Karla Faye Tucker who was sentenced to death in Texas for committing a particular heinous murder back in the day. The program went on to describe how her supporters were trying to get her death sentence commuted because of her conversion to Christianity when she was on death row. The question occurred to me why a conversion to any particular theistic belief should be considered at all either in the sentencing or post sentencing processes.

How does this work? If somebody converted to atheism during their time in prison would they expect a similar reconsideration of their punishment? Or is the difference here that Karla Faye Tucker obstensibly didn’t believe that murder was wrong at the time she committed the crime but that she changed her thinking due to her conversion to Christianity? If that is the case wouldn’t it be just the same if she had converted to rational objectivism, a non theistic line of thought which teaches that murder is wrong because it is the ultimate violation of property rights, specifically the individual’s right to his or her own life? Because if the answer is that we’re talking about theism in particular, I don’t see that Karla Faye’s transition from heroin addict to religious zealot is any different than switching from one drug to another.

Flat out, if she didn’t used to think that murder was wrong but now she does she should just say so. Then the belief system (Christianity, rational objectivism, etc.) should be brought up to buttress that point. But if it’s simply the appeal to theism that is being offered then I don’t think that’s any more to be considered than if she said she had changed her views about the merits of the empty backfield formation in football. I’m just sayin.

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  1. Dan Stowell says:

    The only thing I know about this chic is that I probably would have done her.She looks crazy enough to be a decent lay.

  2. R says:

    Do they have conjugal visits on death row?

  3. Phelps says:

    She did describe the feeling of driving an ax over and over into your murder victim as “orgasmic.”

  4. Dan Stowell says:

    See this is my kinda girl!

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