There are a lot of lesbians in women’s professional pool.  This is not a value judgment or an indictment, it’s just a fact (and a rather curious one regarding competetiveness, sexuality, and the female brain.)  But that is besides the point, and you will see shortly why I had to preface with that.

Yesterday I was watching a women’s professional 9-ball tournament on television and the announcer was talking about Karen Corr who, while I’m not certain that she’s a lesbian, is at least very dikey-looking.  The announcer (Eva Mataya-Lawrence) said:

“Karen appears very stoic when she plays but in real life she actually has quite a personality.  I was just with her backstage and she was-”

At this point I sought to anticipate the rest of the Striking Viking’s sentence so I said “munching carpet.”

At the selfsame moment the announcer actually continued “munching-”

For a split second I was like oh my god, can it be true? Is she actually going to say what I think she is???”

At which time she finished with “on a bit of sandwich” and she went on to tell a story about how Karen needs to eat a small meal before the games or her blood sugar gets too low.  So that’s it, she was just backstage eating a sandwich.  Alrighty.

(Twenty dollars says it was tuna.)  OH! (doing the Quagmire fist pump)

3 Responses to “Eerie!”

  1. Phelps says:

    Giggity giggity!

    Lots of lesbians working in TV production too. I mean, there aren’t a lot of women to start with, and half of them are gay. Or, bi, since they seemed to sleep with more guys than most hetero chicks. (They just “dated” women.)

  2. R says:

    Maybe the girl’s name was, indeed, Sandwich?

  3. reno says:

    If so, a great rack gone to waste. But i’d share her with a chick. LOL

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