Mexican History

At the beginning of the 20th century the Mexican regime, then under the leadership of Porfirio Diaz, was rapidly disintegrating and there was unrest everywhere.  The infamous bandit Francisco Pancho Villa was rapidly gaining strength in the North and he would soon ally himself with other anti government forces and idealogues like Venustiano Carranza and Victoriano Huerta.  In southern Mexico, Emiliano Zappata, who was also the fastest mouse in all of Meheeco, was also leading a rebellion.

The Diaz regime was ultimately overthrown but in the aftermath there were many competing forces who wanted to assume power, among them the aforementioned Villa, Carranza, Heurta, as well as mysterious new personages such as the Frito Bandito and that Mexican guy who dresses up in a bumblebee outfit.  These powers reached an impasse which one person promply referred to as a “Mexican Standoff” and that was such a bad line that everybody else pretty much whupped his ass. 

Eventually there was more bloodshed (both Villa and Zappata were eventually murdered and teh Mexicans, reacting in horror at all the unnecessary violence, unanimously all decided to become landscapers.  The end.

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  1. Then they all moved to Arizona in 2004

  2. dan stowell says:

    The rest of them moved to the north side of Lansing Mi.

  3. Mexigogue says:

    I forgot that part. The reason they had to come to the US is because nobody could find work in Mexico because everytime somebody offered their landscaping services the person they asked ended up saying “Dude, I’m a landscaper myself. Why would I go and hire a landscaper?”

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