I’m Number Three

While I was joking the other day about becoming one of the most famous third place finishers of all time after I took third place in an 8-ball tournament, last night I took third place in the tournament again.  I can’t seem to crack the top two spots.  If pool players were fast food joints then I’m the Arby’s 🙁

6 Responses to “I’m Number Three”

  1. Northe says:

    Food? Arby’s sells edible items now?

  2. Phelps says:

    Feh. Arbys sells Roast Beef, the most edible of foods. I could eat a roast beef sandwich for lunch every single day and be happy. Three Arby Melts for lunch, and six tacos for dinner, and I’m a happy guy, day by day.

  3. mexigogue says:

    Fine, I’m Taco Bell then.

    Meximelt anyone???

  4. Tcao hell? Dude just be Wendys. We all know you like to wear red wigs and cook hamburgers

  5. Northe says:

    The dried hide of an armadillo steeped in a warm salt bath for a week is nothing, NOTHING, like roast beef Master Phelps. Unless they stepped up their game game over the last decade I remain steadfast in my hatred for what they try to pass off as delicious cow.

  6. Phelps says:

    They’ve stepped up the game. Had it for dinner last night.

    And I can’t believe I missed the “number two” joke this entire time up until now.

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