Her: Uh uh Mike, not again! You do this EVERY time! Every time I come over here to spend time with you, we’re having a good time and I’m all in ready to spend the night and you go to Leroy’s at 9:00. You don’t give a FUCK about what I want. You do this EVERY TIME!!

Me: See? I’m consistent. You should be USED TO IT BY NOW!!!

The other night I dreamed Paulie invited me back to Leroy’s. I was on my way there because I appreciated the gesture but I was gonna feel funny about coming back. I saw Nichole the waitress and I remembered what I wrote on the blog about her not being able to sing and I was like oh shit. I was glad when I woke up that it was just a dream.

8 Responses to “Flashback”

  1. HMT says:

    consistency is all they ever want – don’t believe differently.

    like if you play Venom’s “Black Metal” everyday they’ll get used to it, even if it turns them into satan worshipping whores.

  2. Dan Stowell says:

    MMMMMM!Satan worshipping whores.

  3. Mayor Laura Miller says:

    It would appear we run in the same circles.

    Everybody say hello to my good friend Dan Stowell who I know from elementary school. We were in Mrs. Thornton’s second grade class. She was an old hag, not at all hot like my first grade teacher Mrs. Scott.

  4. Hey, how come no one wants to talk about me anymore?

  5. Dan Stowell says:

    Laura Miller?Name not familiar?Would need to see a face.Yup I remember Mrs.Thorton and Mrs.Scott.What was your maiden name?Then I’ll know who my good friend Laura really is.:)

  6. Dan Stowell says:

    This is driving me crazy! I never forget anyone,not even from 30yrs ago.AAARRGG!Dude Mexi even remembered my phone number from when I was a kid.Ain’t that fucked up!482-7304 How do I still remember that?So Laura,look me up at dstowell@homesteadrealtorsinc.com

  7. Faye says:



    sorry I could only read the bold text which is very entertaining on it’s own!

  8. mexi says:

    Laugh out loud!

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