Freedom (continued)

I decided not to finish the two part story about Carver School in San Angelo.  Instead, I thought I would expound on the freedom motif.

Freedom is:

  1. Being able to disregard other people’s objections when you make outlandish decisions because fuck you, I alone am going to be responsible for the consequences.
  2. Recognizing that every idea, thought, edict, and moral judgment is subject to the rational intellect which is to say the self, and that if any of these ideas lack a moral and rational basis, that it is man’s duty (to himself) to oppose injustice.
  3. Not being constrained by the rules of etiquette which say that it is your polite duty to laugh at stale jokes.
  4. Laughing at impolite jokes despite the fact that everybody present is wearing teh mortified expression.
  5. Openly drinking red wine in a thug bar instead of having the bartender put it in a schooner and having him refer to it as “red dog” because you’re scared of what others might think.
  6. Repeating other people’s cool lines like “This aggression cannot stand, man” and “In the parlance of our times.”

Meditate on that!

18 Responses to “Freedom (continued)”

  1. brainard davis says:

    you need some pussy

    love b
    p.s. write me some time about what you are doing not this shit

  2. Test…I have an attitude by now.

    I am especially pissed because you restricted your comments; except for “Phelps;” your fucktarded lawyer commenter (and friend).

    In the meantime, my blog has overloaded the 300 MByte limit. It is over. I will not make anymore posts on this blog.

    It’s address is:

    Please remove this blog from you blogroll.



    I may be contacted at:

    Thank you.


  3. mexi says:

    No, you idgit, I only restricted YOUR comments for review by me before allowing them on the blog because you have posted some extremely racist rants before and they were drunk and rambling to boot. That kind of stuff is annoying to me but rather than throw the Hitler baby out with the bathwater I restricted you rather than banned you (because you sometimes actually have thoughtful comments to make). But be that as it may I will accommodate your wishes and remove you from the blogroll forthwith (or fifthwith at the latest).

  4. HMT says:

    HAHAHA.. I will forever call red wine “red dawg”

    you’re #1 today Mexi.

  5. Bout time you posted something funny

  6. Phelps says:

    Point of order:

    • I am not a lawyer
    • I am not a fucktard
    • I was restricted as well as everyone else. However, since I own the domain, the account the server is running on, and have ultimate control over what happens here, I can remove the restriction, comment, and then replace it.
    • You are my bitch.
  7. Pentagod says:

    So sayeth the Flock!

  8. R says:

    How did the drama llama escape the WoW forumz??? omg!!!

  9. Mexi: Please do not use that fact that I sometimes post while drunk to accuse me of being racist because I do not like 30,000,000 criminals in my country.

    Well golly, the reason they are really here is because the powers that be have destroyed our southern border in an effort to affect the North American Union.

    One of the tactics is to allow millions of illegal immigrants into our country . This acts as a pressure relief for the mafia drug cartel that has seized Mexico. Rather than have 30,000,000 people overthrow that bloc, they have all fled the country and come here.

    Pointing something like this out is what makes the Mexi play the race guard and then, like all racists, blame it on the person who properly identified it; in this case, ME.

  10. mexi says:

    I wasn’t referring to your anti-immigrant stance, I was referring to your anti-black racism.

  11. R says:

    I agree with CQ. If those fucking Mexicans are going to come up here they should do it the right way by infecting us with their foreign diseases and destroying all our sources of food.

    That’s the right way to do it. After all, it turned out GREAT for whitey!

  12. R says:

    AND they even got sponsorship from God! I mean, God sees a tactic he likes, he’s going to fucking let you know!

  13. Phelps says:

    Hey, I’m from Texas! The Mexicans tried that, and they screwed it up and let us catch them taking a siesta at San Jacinto. And they’ve been crying ever since.

  14. I wasn’t referring to your anti-immigrant stance, I was referring to your anti-black racism.

    I do NOT possess ANY racism. You are confused, sir.

    Also, I do NOT possess and anti-immigrant stance. Once again you are confused.

    I AM against ILLEGAL immigration and the complete elimination of our southern border. 30,000,000 Mexicans who are dis-satisfied with their country should overthrow the goons who control Mexico and not come flood our job market.

  15. Vee says:

    I love your thoughts and convictions. I have a feeling you’re the type that could talk my panties off. Just saying.

  16. R says:

    “30,000,000 Mexicans who are dis-satisfied with their country should overthrow the goons who control Mexico and not come flood our job market.”

    Remember when those Europeans came to North America and started doing the jobs that even the Nez Perce didn’t want to do? Then there was the boycott on cheap European worker-made tomohawks, tee-pees, and peace pipes and everybody started putting “Buy Native American” bumper stickers on their horses’ asses?

    Those were the days when Running Fox News was all about kicking those Europeans out and telling them to fix their own fucking country.

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