Pool Game Stabbing

No this is not about how I followed up my week two table runs with ANOTHER table run the following week. This post is about a pool game that ended up in an actual stabbing. I take you now to San Antonio (squiggly view fadeout to the next scene).

Ok the above linked news story doesn’t give the actual details of the scenario so I’m going to have to make them up. For our purposes I’m making up the names of the participants off the top of my head:

Jimmy victim: Lucky shot. But I bet you’re gonna miss on the 8 n00b.

Johnny perp: How much you wanna make a bet?

Jimmy victim: I bet my cue stick against 50 bucks.

Johnny perp: You’re on. Hey excuse me random fat chick, can you give me some room? I have to shoot this shot.

Fat chick: (just leaning)

Johnny perp: Bitch I will hit you in the eye with this cue stick and you best to not say nothin’

Fat chick: Who you callin fat? (Ding!) never mind, my wings are up! (fat chick makes her way to the bar)

Johnny calls the 8 ball in the corner pocket and sinks it with a perfect stroke

Johnny perp: Ha, now you owe me that cue stick Jimmy victim!

Jimmy Victim: I don’t care, it’s a house stick anyway.

Johnny: Oh a WISE GUY!!! Why I oughtta. . . .

Jimmy victim: You oughtta what? What are you gonna do chump? Cut me? Hahaha! I double-dog dare you to come at me with that knife!

And the rest is history. So as you can see from my above scenario, the stabbing was quite justified. Case closed!!!

P.S.  I had a dream last night that I was trying the action movie stunt of running up a wall and doing a backflip.  I kept trying it over and over again and telling myself it was just a mindset that would allow me to transcend the laws of physics.  Finally I ran UP the wall and got stuck on the ceiling.  I was lying on the ceiling looking down thinking wow, it really IS just a mindset.

That’s what I get for reading HMT’s blog with all his mind over matter philosophy!

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  1. I’ve wanted to stab quite a few pool players

  2. Nice Rack says:

    I made the most ridiculous carom shot last night, to avoid taking a easy shot that would have opened up a trouble ball for my opponent. I had to hit my ball into his ball, which was near the side pocket, my ball caromed off perfectly and then rolled into the corner pocket where I called it. My teammates were pretty amazed that I saw the shot and made it, because I guess it’s hard to make a long carom shot like that. I am the pool goddess.

  3. mexi says:

    The next time you do that make sure “Bad to the Bone” is on the jukebox and you have to flick cigar ashes after the shot drops in. That’s what I always do.

  4. mexi says:

    Actually when that song was out my brother Josh was little and he used to sing “Cuz I’m baaaaad as a bone!” and we laughed and laughed.

  5. Phelps says:

    This morning I was dreaming all out of time sequence. I was jumping to stuff that happened in the past and changing stuff, moving forward to the future and fixing things, and it never occurred to me exactly how I did it. (You know how things just happen in a dream and you don’t even think, “hold on, how does this work?”) And I don’t mean like time was just screwed up, the moving around in time was one of the plot points.

  6. Nice Rack says:

    On my last game I made a bank to get myself on the 8-ball, and I was actually singing in my head “You can’t touch this”. I felt that was more appropriate.

  7. mexi says:

    When Halima left in 2001 I thought it was another one of her stunts but I’m beginning to think she’s not coming back.

  8. Phelps says:

    When I beat Mexi at pool, I was doing crotch chops in my head and in reality.

  9. Nice Rack says:

    Is a crotch chop where you have your back to the person, and you swing your arm down to chop them in the nuts? Cuz that’s what I’m picturing. I guess it could be a Lorraina Bobbitt thing, but that isn’t quite as fun to imagine.

  10. HMT says:

    DUDE! you totally can stick on the ceiling.. perception is reality after all.. what else reality would there be?

    ps. I had a bud light stick when I was 13.. that shit was the bomb.. no wonder I’ve sucked at pool since.

  11. Nice Rack says:

    Thanks for clarifying the crotch chops thing for me. I kept picturing Jet Li.

  12. HMT says:

    definately NOT mind over anything.

    mind is what gets us into these messes..


    there’s a reason less and less bars have pool tables.

  13. Nice Rack says:

    I think Mexi died, he hasn’t even commented in 3 days.

  14. mexi says:

    Hahhaaha! I was just thinking that you were going to ask where I was and I was gonna say that I died. Yes, I am dead.

  15. Nice Rack says:

    Sweet, can I have your smallest child?

  16. mexi says:

    Only if Hillary Clinton hasn’t drank all his blood yet.

  17. Mexi: How long were you in?

  18. mexi says:

    I wasn’t “in” anywhere. There has just been nothing to write about. There hasn’t been for months, I’ve just been making do.

  19. So, are you going to shut it down?

  20. mexi says:

    Hey guy, relaaaax. I’m not hiding any bombs!

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