Unhuman Nature

Human nature opposes the drive toward uniformity. Aldous Huxley, in “A Brave New World Revisited”, stated that human beings are more like wolves than like ants or termites. We identify our place in human relations by setting ourselves apart moreso than by blending in. Witness the high school lunchrooms where students sit according to groups: atheletes, cheerleaders, burnouts, intellectual types. There is even a group for the miscellaneous, which is where the loners sit. The point is that people don’t exist as one size fits all cookie-cutouts, we are a diverse lot. That’s what makes us human.

It is in this that Sunni Islam misapprehends human nature. According to the orthodox ideal, the Prophet Muhammad is the best and most perfect guide to existence whose example is one for every Muslim male to emulate. For this reason every male should grow a beard, wear long sleeves, eat using three fingers of the right hand (even left handed people should do this). What began as a religion expounding the nature of Allah (in His Oneness) has become an exercise in imitation. One cannot be himself who is at the selfsame time trying to be someone else. Any efforts in this regard are at once both comical and self-defeating.

Chairman Mao strove for a similar ideal with the Great Chinese Cultural Revolutions. His belief in human nature being a blank slate is evident with such quotes as “On a blank sheet of paper free from any mark, the freshest and most beautiful pictures can be painted.” It was this idea that was used to justify the forceful re-education of “dissident” Chinese factions that often resulted in prolonged prison sentences including torture and often resulting in death. The programs failed because the socialization theory doesn’t hold true. Experience can modify a person’s outlook to a certain degree. It cannot, however, change man’s basic nature, unless you view changing a person to traumatized as a desireable outcome.

The drive toward sameness is not exclusive to the religiously dogmatic or the Marxists of the world. The 1990s produced in the West an explosion of Attention Defecit Disorder diagnoses resulting in the unnecessary and potentionally harmful overmedication of thousands of children. This was done because any behavior outside the norm could potentially be used as “evidence” of this controversial disorder. Lazy doctors, pill-hawking pharmeceutical companies, and credulous parents all combined to create one of the stupidest epidemics of the modern era.

Once again, we are more akin to pack animals like wolves than like the more socially stratified ants. Different is not bad. This goes for religious SJs, red commies, and drug slangin’ psychotherapists. When you attempt to stamp out individuality from human nature, what you are doing is akin to pulling the mask off of Darth Vader. Earth to you guys, HE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT! And neither can we survive, as humans, without our individuality. So if you don’t like it then go get yourself kidnapped by a fat man and give yourself a lip ring, because you are dumb. . . or something. (no offense to to that kid who got himself kidnapped by that fat guy).

Teh end.

8 Responses to “Unhuman Nature”

  1. Phelps says:

    He can too live without it. It is just a matter of how long. Kinda like a dog driving a car. They can drive one, just not very far.

  2. mexi says:

    Was it you that showed me that page that said that the monkeys banging on typewriters eventually producing a classic is not true? And it’s because monkeys don’t hit keys randomly, they have patterns, and their patterns are really dumb and don’t really lend themselves to accidently typing out words.

  3. Humans are more like wolves than insects. Wolves are, after all, MAMMALS.

    Mao killed 50,000,000 people. Now that’s social engineering.

  4. mexi says:

    Huxley’s point was that modern human civilizations were being patterned in the likeness of ant farms, without regard to the fact that such a structure runs against our very nature.

  5. Phelps says:

    I’m setting here listening to an expert in our hearing, and his accent is infuriating. I keep waiting to hear about his ideaasss.

    (Mexi is probably the only one who knows what i am saying, but I don’t care.)

  6. Mexigogue says:

    Sometimes I tell my mom to just cut out the accent, she’s not foolin’ nobody, we know she’s from Rhode Island. Then she gets mad and cuts me with a switchblade.

  7. HMT says:

    solid shit mexi.

    I feel agreeance with Huxley (and thus your own) point here. I’d take it a step further stating that our lack of awareness of WHO WE REALLY ARE leads to our perceived ‘sadness’ and ‘unhappiness'(indeed we are individuals with no strain of “conformance” contrary to what is reflected in popular society)

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