Volunteers are lining up by the hundreds in Iraq for the chance to hang deposed Iraqi dictator Sadaam Hussein. Hang motherfucker! Not so much for all the Shi’ites and dissidents, both religious and political, that you killed during your reign. Not for the fact that you allowed raping and murdering sprees by your son Uday. Don’t even do it for the Kurds (after all, who cares about the Kurds anyway?), but hang for the Iraqi people.

Hang because YOU and Bill Clinton thought it would be funny to get into a hair pulling contest over weapons inspections and you both furthermore thought it would be a good idea to victimize Iraqi civilians with the ensuing UN sanctions. In what had hitherto been a modern nation, human beings were denied access to food and medicine because of this international game of chicken and by Red Cross estimates more than a million people died needlessly. Die for that you stupid fuck!

Here is how much you suck: among international pariahs even Bin Laden hates you and has stated that you’re not a real Muslim leader. How bad does that gotta sting? Add to that that you didn’t even have the common decency to shoot it out with your captors like a man. You just crawled out of your hole like a fugitive from a bizarro dimension where they don’t have Supercuts. For all your atrocities you don’t have a single redeeming quality (even Hitler managed to write a hilarious book in his spare time). Die, die, and die again.

Furthermore, die so that all the Southpark skits that show you in hell will be even more revelant and funny than they already are. I hate you Sadaam. And even though American leftists cheer for the insurgents, I think deep down inside there is still good in them and that they hate you too. Die for everybody who has you on a dead pool list. And die for me because in a moment of compassion when I was at the East Lansing Islamic Center in 1997 I donated $5 to aid the needy Iraqis. You cost me a pitcher of beer which means now it’s personal you motherfucker. HANG!!!

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  1. Phelps says:

    If you haven’t already read it, Samir’s story kicks everlasting ass:

    I Punched Saddam in the Mouth”

  2. First: I say HANG THE BITCH.
    Second: I re-installed my operating system and don’t yet have the proper module installed to view THIS video.

  3. guy in the uNLV jacket says:

    Relax guy….

  4. Nice Rack says:

    I think you mean relevant, ever hear of spellcheck?

  5. Mexigogue says:

    That’s all right, y’all don’t read too well nohow!

  6. guy in the uNLV jacket says:

    Time’s almost up

  7. Mexi: So, Can you show me a me video of Saddam being hug? Can you show me a video of his death?

    Com’on, dude. GO for it. POST IT BITCH!!!!

  8. What up, ran into Bernard the other day at Meijer…interesting. You know, have you ever thought about collecting all your Blogs and having them published into a book…I think it would be a national Best seller. Call it “Thoughts and words of Teh Mexigogue) or something like that. I know you don’t take your writing very seriously…or your hidden talent to make people laugh without even trying while spewing out the dirt on our modern sociological issues…but dude…YO’ Shit BE FuNNy man!!!! Think about it…no, fuck it…look into that shit for real. And maybe, one day I will finish pdating my website for all to enjoy instead of paying for it uselessly every months just so it can say, “Coming SOON!” Oh, if you haven’t already seen it…go and see Dreamsgirls…and trust me…a bootlegged copy of the movie does it no justice. And I like Bill Clinton, until Borock came on the scene…Hilary was the closest hope to bhaving a black President…eeeew…Hilary….Daddy…can I run for President? (Bill),” No bitch!!! (Bill Immitating Mr. T), Shut up and suck my dick!!!

    Nerd Supreme.

    Oh, did you hear…Saddam is dead…poor guy…never really had a chance did he? They should have just let him walk down a street in Iraq… would have had the same ending…just more justifyable…but what do I know…

  9. Phelps says:

    That’s actually not a bad idea.

    “PEOPLE OF IRAQ: We have determined that was have no moral authority to try Saddam, as our war was sold to the American public solely on lies. We will, as a result of this, be forced to release Saddam as a free man.

    “Saddam will be released at exactly 12:00AM, at 101 Main Street, Kurdsville, Kurdistan. (Even if we have to shove him out the door.) He will be wearing a new suit we bought him and have 100 dinars, just like we do in America.

    Thank you.”

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