Evil Leave

I had an almost table run last night. I say “almost” because nothing went in when I broke but on my next turn at the table I ran all of my balls and the 8 without missing a shot. It was one of those nights that was just my night. The Mexicans I beat were all screaming something about sacrosanct frijoles.

At one point my opponent broke and made nothing and at my first chance at the table I had an obvious stripe shot. The way the table was laid out, however, I really wanted solids but I didn’t have anything there. The only shot I had on those was a bank in the side pocket which would leave me in position to run a whole bunch of balls. I called the bank in the side (which raised eyebrows when the onlookers saw I was passing up an easy stripe shot) and I sank it. After that I kept going until I had run five balls and pretty much had the game in hand because when I finally did miss I left my opponent dirt. I think I finished the night 8-2.

No my opponents weren’t great but they were all good. The difference in my play versus theirs was that I was getting mad cue ball control. One shot was my last shot (before the eight) which was an angle in the side pocket which looked to be a scratch shot in the corner. Instead I put so much low English on the ball that after my shot went in the cue drew back off two rails which left me with a perfectly straight shot on the 8. I could draw a diagram but that would take too much time. Suffice it to say that the Devil himself would have rather challenge Charlie Daniels to a fiddlin’ rematch rather than playing me in pool. At least that’s the way it was last night anyway.

I’m hungry. I think today I’ll do an early lunch.

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  1. Nice Rack says:

    Feliz Navidad! Way to kick ass on the table. I lost my last 6 league games of the year on Monday and Tuesday night, but that is what happens when you play the luckiest mother f*&$*@r on earth one night, and super lesbian the next, lol.

  2. mexi says:

    Was it at least a pretty lesbian? Losing to the ugly ones. . . well there’s no upside to that.

  3. mexi says:

    If you were playing last night I wouldn’t have won 8 games. You’re better than those suckas I was playing.

  4. Nice Rack says:

    Not a pretty lesbian, you actually played her the first year of leagues and smoked her. She is one of the best female players in Lansing, and could not miss on Tuesday night. I had a shitty break, thought I would get a chance to shoot, and she ran the table with 4 perfect break-out shots.

  5. Mexigogue says:

    You wanna go slumming with me to this bar on my side of town tonight? I’ll give you billions of dollars!!! 😀

  6. Nice Rack says:

    I can’t, I am dog-sitting in Okemos for my boss.

  7. mexi says:

    Perhaps I’ll just stay home and watch scary movies. There’s a good Japanese one on Comcast on demand. It’s called “One Missed Call.”   It’s Comcastic!

  8. Nice Rack says:

    Sounds like too much fun. I will probably be watching movies too while I cuddle with the dogs. Big excitement

  9. mexi says:

    I need a bambulance!

  10. HMT says:

    Joel Osteen Dude! I hate that guys face!

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