Go Ahead, Pay My Way

My son looks out the window and says “Dad, two men at the door.”  I open the door and there are two guys bearing pamphlets from the Lutheran Church.

“Hello, we’re from (such-and-such) church and we wanted to give you-”

He reaches his hand in where I have the screen door barely cracked and tries to hand me a pamphlet.  I say “No thank you, I don’t want it.”

“We want to invite you to our church.”

“No thank you, I’m already in a cult.”

“You don’t want the booklet?”

“No, please get your hand.”

The poor sucker’s glove was snagged on the latch.  I don’t open the door very wide for strangers.

In other news I’m at the bar and there are an ungodly amount of people in line to get on the pool table.  This guy I don’t know is set to play me and he says “You wanna play for a beer?” I say “Noooo!” and continue racking the balls.  When I’m done racking I think about it for a second.  What do I have to lose but a few bucks.  I say “Ok, let’s play for a beer.”  The guy says “Actually I’m drinking Jack, you wanna play for that or should it just be a beer?” I say “whatever.”

Five minutes later I’m tossing down an ice cold 32 oz mug of Budweiser that I didn’t pay for.  It’s not really about the beer, it’s about being triumphant when somebody else tries to hustle you.

I should have taken the pamphlet from the religious types and given it to the pool player.  Then they could try and hustle each other.


5 Responses to “Go Ahead, Pay My Way”

  1. Five minutes? Did you run the table? Damn you’re good.

  2. mexi says:

    No I didn’t run the table. But we both played well so the game went quickly.

  3. At least that guy paid his debt and didn’t try to leave like the last suka over at the Irish Pub. You gotta tell that story!!1

  4. Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy. I thought that you did not post on the weekends.

    Oh well…Thanks for the entertainment.

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