Men = Bad

Phelps just hipped me to this. Apparently Michigan law wasn’t anti-man enough yet. Not only do men have no legal say if we get a woman pregnant and she wants to have an abortion against our wishes, and not only can we get hit with child support if we WANT them to have an abortion but they choose to have the baby anyway, NOW Michigan has made it a crime for a man to leave a pregnant woman if that act is deemed to be at attempt at co-ercing the other party into having an abortion! But of course a pregnant woman is also prevented from leaving her man too right? Nope. The great state of Michigan has apparently concluded that single parenthood is all the fault of the man and he should therefore be punished. A woman who chooses single parenthood has obviously done nothing wrong. I guess womens’ brains aren’t sophisticated enough to form the mens rea (mental state) it takes to form the intent to do something wrong. They’re kind of like children or animals in that respect.

It was one thing when it was decided that women could shishkabob their own fetuses to their heart’s content and men were, at the selfsame time, prevented from punting their pregnant wives in the stomach, but this newer development is just sick. Taking freedom away from men while not taking it from women strikes me as a violation of Equal Protection of the Law.

Hey, sincle women have all the rights but share none of the culpability involved in making children, shouldn’t they take all the rape laws off the books too? Since, according to the logic of our legislators, females aren’t mentally astute enough to be held culpable they probably aren’t able to form legal consent either. Wait, I got it: women are inanimate objects and men should be punished for damaging them. This law isn’t about equality, it’s about treating men and women like completely dissimilar things. Susan B. Anthony would is probably rolling over in her carpet munching grave!

Is there no problem that our legislators can’t solve by disposing of our pesky freedoms and is there no wrong that men aren’t responsible for?

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  1. A fetus does NOT become a separate UNIT until the umbilical cord is cut. It is STILL physically part of the woman’s body until then. Does a woman have a right to her own body? Is a human being defined as a blob of protoplasm?

    And while I’m at it, the big secret that they did NOT teach you in school (and your mother did not tell you either) is this: Women are an entirely different species from men. They exist in a symbiotic relationship with men and leech off of us.

  2. mexi says:

    By your rationale, since it’s not a person yet, I can kick a pregnant woman in the stomach thereby ending the pregnancy and I’m not guilty of murder. But that’s not the way the law reads is it? It’s a child when the state wants it to be and a non person when they desire it to be so. THAT is intellectually dishonest and has no basis in fact.

  3. You have no right to physically assault another person; even a woman. If the fetus dies then that is NOT murder. I would view this as a felony assault on the woman.

    “The state” can tell us that the sky is purple but that does not change the fact that the sky is really blue.

  4. Pentagod says:

    In Roe v Wade, the woman has a choice. It also says you can’t stop her. Therefore this will be ruled unconstitutional by the first to get hit by it. ( and can afford to fight it )

    This is clearly a reelection tool.

  5. In order for something to posses an identity, it must be a UNIT. A fetus becomes a UNIT when the umbilical cord is cut. If it has no identity then it certainly cannot be defined as a human being. A FETUS is organically connected to it’s mother. That is identifiable.

  6. You clowns had better vote for me or you will all spend the rest of your lives toiling in the salt mines, eating aborted fetuses and having your wages garnished to pay child support for children you didn’t even father

  7. Margaret says:

    If you think that’s a load of crap, take a look at this!

    Dr. Lenore Walker, shame on you!

  8. mexi says:

    A fetus becomes a UNIT when the umbilical cord is cut. If it has no identity then it certainly cannot be defined as a human being. A FETUS is organically connected to it’s mother. That is identifiable.

    That is a politically convenient distinction, just like the one for the other side that says it’s an individual just as soon as the cell is fertilized. In reality both sides are guilty of arguing from a conclusion. You don’t go from unperson to person with the snip of a doctor’s scissors.  You don’t actually become a person until you’re about nine.  Until then, it’s clobberin’ time!

  9. UNLV: Are you going to have a coronation after you are elected? Can I place the crown?

  10. Mexi: My argument is based on Ayn Rand’s axioms of Objectivism. Read very carefully what I said about a unit. If you still disagree with me then dig her up out the ground and argue with her. So I CLAIM THE POINT! Later…

  11. Phelps says:

    In other words, you are incapable of independant rational thought and must simply regurgitate what some old chain-smoking adulterer with delusions of granduer told you about morality?

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