Dear Blog People

I regret to announce that I’ll be unable to post for the rest of the week because I have AIDS  conference sessions to attend for my job. I’ll be spending the remainder of the workweek at this training so I won’t have access to the blog unless I get ahold of somebody’s laptop or if the hotel I go to has communist unity computers the guests can use.  Last year I seem to remember having some fun shooting pool and stuff at the conference.  This year, however, I intend to keep a low profile.  I might run a few racks of 8-ball.  And I may drink a beer or two, I dunno.  I’m going to play it by ear.

The best part about staying in a hotel is using up like three towels after one shower and then just leaving them on the floor.   When you get back to the room everything is magically clean again.  WEEEEEEEE!

9 Responses to “Dear Blog People”

  1. Jenn says:

    You jerkhole.

    HEY! GO register and post here!

    Then I can talk to you guys again. I can only comment on three blogs. Those that are

    GO PLAY! Tell all the Treehouse Gang, too. And all your homies. And your Jew mom.

    Besos para ti!

  2. Phelps says:

    Also, you can use all the toilet paper your body can withstand. Or fill the bathtub up with ice. Which you sometimes need after the TP.

    Oh, and if your room has a bidet… I heartily endorse trying it. And getting wood while you use it doesn’t make you gay.


  3. Pentagod says:

    Dear blog people could just be


    ( To be yelled like the Gamma Phi Gamma yell in School Daze by Spike Lee )

    “G Phi G, thats what we wanna be!”


    ” I’m Cockoo for Cocoa Puffs! “

  4. Citizen Quasar says:

    It’s after the weekend. Maybe teh Mexigogue died of AIDS.

  5. mexi says:

    No. I’m thinking.

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