Self Deception Bias

My homie Bernard has a pool table in his basement. Sometimes, instead of spending buku money to drink and shoot pool at the bar, we’ll just get some beer and liquor and shoot pool at his house. The same opponent competition was getting kind of old so Bernard started inviting his friend Danno over to shoot too. Danno has been practicing regularly at Pockets, Bernard has been shooting at his own table, and I (of course) am me, so that makes for some good games. It was getting to the point, though, to where by the end of the night no one knew who had been winning the most games. Then Bernard got a chalkboard.

One day we had played about six or seven games when somebody decided that we’d start keeping score. At this point I’m thinking these guys are good but I’m gonna bear down and start slaying. Pretty soon the score was 6-4-2. Great score except I was the guy with the 2! Danno was in the lead and the world was all wrong. Bernard won two more and I managed to eke out 4 (Danno didn’t manage to win a single game towards the end) so by the time we called it a night the score stood 6-6-6. Danno wanted to play one more game so the score wouldn’t be evil but, since I’ve embraced my ex-wife’s characterization of me as evil, I said I liked the score just fine.

The point of that story is that people tend to engage in self-deception on a regular basis. Everybody involved in the preceding scenario probably thought he was the better player and would win the series. When things don’t go according to our perceived outcome we tend to engage in that fuzzy thinking: “He got lucky”, “I’m off my game”, “I’m getting bad breaks.” When we’re the ones winning though, we attribute the outcome to skill. “I’m so much better, I wouldn’t have left myself that bad leave my opponent got, I’m so great!” It’s really not a fair assessment because it’s weighted but that’s just human nature. It’s like that old addage: Everybody who’s driving slower than me is an idiot, everyone going faster than me is a maniac.

I was cognizant of the self-deception bias and how it can cause us to underestimate our opponents so the next time we all came together to play I didn’t take anything for granted. I shot every shot as if it might be my last chance at the table and before you know it I had a retarded lead. I lost a couple games at the end but ultimately the series ended 12-6-4, with me at the top. The moral of the story, if you’re burnt out from drinking Budweiser try a little Christian Brothers. It goes down like warm stomach acid! 😀

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  1. guy in the uNLV jacket says:

    Lucky UNLV wasn’t there otherwise the score would have been 100-1-0-0, with UNLV at the top

  2. Mexioggue says:

    Who do you think you are, George Washington or something?

  3. Nice Rack says:

    If Nice Rack would have been there, I think Nice Rack would have been on top because that is the best position.

  4. Mexioggue says:

    Nice Rack 😀

    Hey, I think tomorrow is techno night at Auggie’s. If it is K-man said we should find somewhere else to go.

  5. Mexioggue says:

    It happened again.

    I was on my way to the store to buy a snack when I saw a young black guy lying flat on his back unconscious on the sidewalk. He had really baggy pants and a doo rag on his head, he looked to the in his 20s. I was like can this young guy possibly be having a heart attack? This white girl with cornrows was with him and she was crying, not having been able to wake him up. I’m thinking I know CPR, does this guy needs CPR or is he unconscious for another reason? I’m thinking I’ll do the pushy chest thing but somebody else has to do the mouth to mouth. Then I see a splash of vomit right next to him and I walk away.

    I go to the store and get a king sized snickers and a mountain dew code red thinking is it still possible he was having a heart attack. They say you sometimes get nausea at the time of a cardiac arrest and that might explain the spash of vomit. Either way I don’t want to get involved because if I just do the pushy chest thing but not the mouth to mouth thing and he dies people will blame me. It’s much easier to just eat my snickers. I get back outside and the guy is revived, he’s standing there hugging his white girl with cornrows. Once again, just like in the Chester going unconscious at Leroy’s thing, my inaction didn’t ruin the day!

  6. R says:

    Classy neighborhood.

  7. mexi says:

    This is in the business district.

    I’m still sick. I need a gran marnier heated up.

  8. mexi says:

    Wow. I have enough earwax to wax a ballroom floor!

  9. Nice Rack says:

    I am going to Jackson on Friday to shoot pool with a friend so I won’t be around. I just booked my flight to Phoenix, I get to go to my cousin’s vacation house in Mexico for a week in October! I am definitely ready for a vacation.

  10. Citizen Quasar says:

    Your neighborhood sounds just like mine.

  11. mexi says:


  12. Nice Rack says:

    Sorry dude, it’s a fact of my life. I have other friends, lol.

  13. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    When you coming to Phoenix Rack? We gotta hang out

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