Ooh, nice hairstyle. If I knew her I would sneak up on her with a rolled up newspaper: don’t move, I can kill it!

When I was in high school I remember trying to figure out what electives I would take. Typing and band were foregone conclusions (I must have had a vague idea about a scenario where being in a marching band would result in me getting tons of money and all the bitches), but what else to take? Philosophy? Psychology? Political science? Everything sounded so interesting and yet so different.

I know now that those subjects, while areas of specialties, are in fact all tied in together. How can one develop a philosophy of the proper mode of human existence without having knowledge about how the mind works? What is politics (money, power, thanks for the tip Louis Farrakhan, you fucking genius) if not the attempt to implement the other two in the most effective form for the desired outcome?

In retrospect in my early years I could have used some instruction in ethics and critical thinking. Because as I began picking up knowledge here and there I was at a loss for how to apply it. I had read Malcolm X’s anti-semitic rants in his autobiography. In a political science class I learned that in the Arab world CNN was preferred over the other major American networks because the others had Jews in prominent positions. I read in the newspaper about that time that while Jews comprised a very small percentage of the American population, they represented about 25% of the writers for major newspapers. I took these, at the time, to the conclusion that the Jews “control the media”.

Old Mike, meet the new Mike: Even assuming that fact is correct (and I can’t vouch for those numbers as I can’t cite the source), if 25% of the writers are Jewish then it stands to reason that 75% of the writers are not Jewish. How then do the Jews control the media? What might be said rather is that the Jews have the potential for exerting a disproportionate influence on the American media (and this is presuming they allow personal bias to significantly affect their reporting of the news) but if this is due to their particular success in an area then who can be blamed for that? Rather than question why one group excels at a particular endeavor why not ask why other groups do not? Are we to strive to impose demographic representation in all jobs? If so who is going to bust up the female domination in the field of education and the Mexican overrepresentation in the landscaping and housekeeping services? This line of thought can continue ad funny and ad absurdum. I will at this time, however, focus on the second.

The point is that the fact of a greater achievement of a particular group is not, in and of itself, evidence of a vast conspiracy or an evil plan. The danger of that line of reasoning is that, among other things, it will necessarily lead to resentment of success in certain groups which is entirely innappropriate unless you posit failure as a positive value. On another level it could lead to a resentment of Jews which, in my case, didn’t make any sense since the only Jews I had ever known had been pretty benign toward me (in the brig my Jewish counterpart Tom Heyward lent me $5 and he didn’t even charge me usury!)

Fortunately I ultimately came to reject the ethics of collectivism (there are two words that don’t go together right there) and by extension I also rejected the idea of collective guilt. For once this isn’t just about me though. This is why I rail against collectivism in all its forms (especially in non-funny racism). As people, as citizens, and good human beings, in order to overcome the sources of injustice, we must work to dismantle injustice itself. This means we must thoroughly pwn every one of its premises.  This can be achieved with a proper understanding of philosophy, psychology, and politics.  Failing that it should be curable by a large dose of propaganda which ought to be no problem since the Jews control the media!

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  1. R says:

    That article scared the shit out of me. High-achieving or not, I wouldn’t allow my child to set foot in that kind of environment.

    “We are Borg. Your physiological and technological likeness shall become our own. Resistance is futile.”

  2. mexi says:

    I will stipulate that she has the right to wear the hairstyle to school if you will concede that it’s crazy looking.

  3. rae says:

    DUDE…call me at my parents-I emailed you the number you tool!

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