Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychology, that’s my new thing. I like reading about studies they do to try and figure out why people do the things they do, how the mind works, what differences and commonalities there are in the thought processes of different individuals. It has been my hypothesis that personality is so closely related to differences in people’s brains (think everyone having computers with variant specifications) that different personality types experience the world in profoundly different ways. Some of this is genetic, some tied to hormonal exposure in the womb, and some is due to the way in which we are raised.

It is my view that personality is more deterministic than the product of experience and that if you took someone like Richard Simmons when he was born and shot him back through time to be raised alongside Ghengis Khan he would be mostly the same person he is now. Oh, he would be a barbarian, to be sure, but he would be the fruitiest and most annoyingly demonstrative barbarian in the troop (come on, let’s plunder the gold and rape the chubby out of shape whores! One and a two and a wooooo!).

If the deterministic theory is right then it means that rather than trying to change people in an ill-fated attempt at streamlining human beings we should seek to find things that fit appropriate personality types. Like if someone is accused of being too emotionally aloof and unfeeling then that person would make a good emergency room doctor who won’t freak out just because some kid comes in with his hand cut off. Put the maternalistic feeler types in the recovery room. What was that that Sun Tzu said about using square rocks to build a fortress and using the round ones to roll downhill at your enemies?

Anyway inherent personality is my contention and I will test my idea by reading up on studies that have been done on behavioral psychology. If the evidence goes against my hypothesis I will discard it and develop a new one. But anyhoo, time to get my reading on.

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  1. DA says:

    So, eh, Simmons is hetero in your little thought expirament? What a difference a horde makes…

  2. mexi says:

    No, he’s only acting hetero, because the Mongols don’t play dat.

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