The Day There Was a Shoeprint on the Driver’s Side Window

Summer of 1987, Lansing Michigan

Tyrone and I met Tywonna at K-mart. Actually we weren’t at K-mart, his mom was, having been compelled by some shopping compulsion to go there. We were just along for the trip so technically we weren’t shopping at K-mart, although we were in fact there, we were just walking around trying to figure out how to look cool, or at least as cool as two guys wearing Puma outfits in the mid 1980s could possibly manage. It was at some point during the trip that Tyrone started talking to this girl who looked to be about four years too young for us. She was ducking in and out of the clothes racks but as it turned out she was just kind of little for her age, she was only two years younger than us. She was just entering her sophomore year at Lansing Eastern, the school to where I was just making my triumphant return, having just come back from West Texas.

At some point in the beginning of the school year I started seeing this girl named Yolanda Jackson who was, as she would tell anyone who would listen, half black, half white, and half Indian. I kind of doubted her math abilities but when she said I had to meet her friend Tywonna I was ok whatever. It turned out that she was talking about the same Tywonna we had met at K-mart.

Getting to know Tywonna made me all but forget about Yolanda who was very pretty (for a girl with a petite body and a head with the precise shape and volume of a Halloween jack-o-lantern). I began spending less time with Yolanda and spent more time talking to her friend who had an indominable spirit of humor and when I was with her there seemed to be no problem, global or otherwise, that we could not laugh at. She also had a curl and the stuff she put in her hair smelled really good so once in a while it was advisable to get a hug just for the advantage of getting a nice inhale of that stuff since she was only about 5′ even her hair was perfectly situated that or, if you were feeling adventurous you could also taste it (mmmm, jheri curl juice). All was right with the world besides the pesky fact that she had a boyfriend but I was determined I could last that out. I mean, we were teen-agers. How long could such a relationship be expected to last? (answer: it’s 20 years later and those two are in fact now married and I’m beginning to suspect that they’re probably been doing it but I’m getting ahead of myself).

Anyway throughout the years Tywonna and I have had great times. There was the time that I was married to Kim and I drove over on a whim to go hang out with Tywonna. We were just in the car chillin’ like Matt Dillon (there was a slight drizzle) when Yolanda Jackson (8 months pregnant with somebody else’s baby by then) saw us and came up in a rage and STOMPED ON THE DRIVER’S SIDE WINDOW right where my face was. I don’t understand to this day how she got her foot up that high. See, she didn’t KICK the window with the point of her toe or the instep, she STOMPED with the bottom of her foot making a perfect imprint of the sole of her sneakers right on the window (if I recall correctly from the tread, Reebok 8 1/2 in girls size). Tywonna and I both found that kind of strange and I think we drove off somewhere else to finish talking.

The next day I was in the car with Kim when I noticed to my horror that the shoe imprint was still on the window as I had neglected to wash it off. I was waiting for Kim’s one good eye to notice the print afterwhich I would be physically dead as I had no explanation or alibi for the print but somehow the gods were with me and she didn’t notice it at all. As it is that makes just one more funny story in my association with Tywonna (and one more of my many near-death experiences I’ve had from not paying attention). Ha ha ha!

Anyway Tywonna, like many of my other historical people, is still around and she even comments on the blog from time to time (albeit under a pseudonym). Everyone should have one and although I don’t have a picture of her from those times here is an artist’s rendition of what she looked like. And now we all remember the time.

5 Responses to “The Day There Was a Shoeprint on the Driver’s Side Window”

  1. Faye says:

    yeah I knew her…wow you have a great memory, the artist’s rendition is EXACTLY as I remember. I hope she grew out of the curl stage…yuck

  2. mexi says:

    No, the curl juice was great! I wish I could remember what flavor that was.

  3. guy in the UNLV Jacket says:

    I remember her. I grabbed her boob she got upset Mexi said “that’s UNLV’s way of saying hi.” Good times with my old friend alcohol

  4. mexi says:

    Ahhh boobs and alcohol. Is there any more obvious combination? I mean, besides R. Kelley and a box propped on by a stick with a string on it and a kids bop music CD underneath of course.. .

  5. Faye says:

    evidently, many people say “hi” that way.

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