The Omen

I took mein tochter to see The Omen.  It was a great movie and I was well pleased.  Why was it a great movie? Because the original was great and the new version was pretty much the exact same movie, just shot with better equipment, special effects, and updated characters (they used cell phones.)  Damien’s mom was hot too. 

The thing that makes The Omen great is the story itself.  It’s not a movie that relies on incredible special effects or smoke and mirrors.  It was one of the original evil kid movies that started that whole movie genre.  In that way this story paved the way for others to follow in it’s tracks, like the little girl in the Poltergeist movies, Aiden and Samara in The Ring, and the creepy British kids (is there another kind?) in The Others.

One of the scenes that really made me really like Damien’s character, the one that made you really begin to suspect that something was wrong, was when his parents tried to take him to a church and he completely flipped (some might say it was the earlier scene when the maid hanged herself but it’s tough to pin that on the kid).  When he first came into the presence of the church itself and the crucifixes, statues, and other religious imagery he looked like an animal that was caught in a trap.  When he finally snapped and began screaming and clawing at his mother’s face I was like damn!! If only I would have thought to do that on the day of my first communion I might not have had to go.  Lucky for me however my first communion was also my last (in no small part because the priest was making kissy faces at me and licking his lips).  But I digress as this time I’m not here to talk about me.

As I was saying, this movie does not rely heavily on special effects.  In fact the story, much like Rosemary’s Baby’s Daddy, could be just as compelling if done as a play.  One of the best scenes, the real gut wrenching turning point, is when the father opens the vault where Damien’s mother is interred.  When he removes the cover he sees the skeletal remains are canine.  He sees that his first born son, this child who is alleged to be evil, has been birthed by a literal dog.  I can really really relate! (Kim, in case you can’t recognize it that is indeed a swipe at you, your welcome for me clearing that up)

The other point of interest was that my daughter has a really strange sense of humor.  Whenever any of the characters would die (and they always seemed to do so in spectacular fashion) she would burst out laughing with such vigor that I was afraid she might be ruining the suspension of disbelief for the other moviegoers.  But then again I wasn’t really helping either.  When the priest was impaled from above by a falling pointy thing that left him clearly dead while propped upright I leaned over and said “Maybe he’s ok!” Ditto when the reporter guy was decapitated and his head went flying away from his body:

me:  Maybe he’s ok.
daughter:  He’s not ok, he’s dead!
me:  How do you know? You’re not a doctor!

And so it went for the rest of the show.  All in all a great movie experience.  So if you like impaled priests, miscellaneous grave digging, and seeing moms getting deliberately knocked off of balconies by pasty looking demonic kids then this movie is for you.  You’ll laugh ’til your eyes bleed!

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  1. Phelps says:

    How do you know she isn’t a doctor? Objection, calls for a legal conclusion, calls for speculation, assumes facts not in evidence!


  2. mexi says:

    Fine, I’ll restate the question to my daughter:


  3. guy in the UNLV Jacket says:

    Catholic Priests never get any respect in any movie. The Vatican should be outraged

  4. Mexigogue says:

    hehe! Remember on Southpark when the Catholic church had all the priests discussing all the allegations of molestation and they were like “Well guys, it was nice run but I think it’s over.”

  5. Remeber the devil demon Boberman movie! Back in the day that movie scared the shit out of me!

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