Hanging out with Layla the other day made me realize something. I’m not nearly as extreme as I present myself to be on the blog. I don’t get in as many beers as you would think, I don’t play as much pool as might be expected, and given the amount of banter that goes on in the blog comments, I’m not really very good at talking in real life.

It’s not that I intentionally misrepresent myself, it’s just that in putting forth a blog entry I have lots of time to kick around ideas and when I finally decide on one there is lots of time to write, edit, and rewrite if necessary until I come up with something I think might be interesting to read. Sometimes it’s politics or something that’s in the news, other times it might be an amusing antidote I thought of (to counteract my many amusing poisons I would guess, yes I’m aware I used the wrong word I did it intentionally did you think I’m FUCKING RETARDED???)

Another thing (and this might be the most salient difference) is that in real life I almost never raise my voice whereas on the blog I resort to all caps and exclamation points on almost a daily basis. In terms of writing I do it for effect, because it emphasizes a point or I think it’s funny. In real life I despise yelling. I might be in the same bar as you and you would scarcely notice my presence. And that’s the way it was with both me and Phelps when we were downing the Shiner in Dallas (what was the name of that bar anyway, it was something that reminded me of pool, not rack, shoot, snookies? Something like that. . .)

Anyhoo if it seems that an inordinate amount of antics happens to me on a daily basis, it doesn’t. It’s just that I seek those things out to post on the blog, even if it means taking a trip back to 1984 in order to do it. My existence isn’t really all that interesting, I’m just trying to make you motherfuckers laugh! Oh and other things I don’t do in real life are things like just blurt out to a chick in the middle of a conversation “Did you realize you have really big boobs?”, “I’m the Mahdi!” and “Why do you have a tongue ring?” That kind of stuff would be just outrageous!

Oh and I think it might be safe at this point in time to point out that I’ve been rooting for Miami all along. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

11 Responses to “Misrepresenting?”

  1. Nice Rack says:

    F*#k the Heat

  2. mexi says:

    Yeah, last year Rever figured out I was rooting for Miami. I was in Leroy’s doing a good job of disguising it because I didn’t say anything or make any expression whenever Miami hit a shot. But then finally Rever said “You rootin’ for Miami.” I said “What makes you say that?” he said “Every time Detroit scores everybody else hoopin’ and hollerin’, you ain’t sayin’ nothin.”

    Yeah, he got me. So this year I’ve been faking it every time Detroit scored.

  3. mexi says:

    Yeah I like that place. I took a picture of the bar when I was there, I just never posted it.

  4. guy in the uNLV jacket says:

    Fuck Miami, you boring mutha fukker

  5. mexi says:

    Technically I’m not from Michigan you goddamn penguins!!!

  6. guy in the UNLV Jacket says:

    Shouldn’t you be rooting for one of the Texas teams then? How about Dallas? El Sellouto

  7. HMT says:

    it’s not how many beers get in..

    all you need is a few to settle themselves nicely in the ol’ stomacha… from there jesus simmers the brew to a fine taste of living.

  8. L says:

    That b!$ch Layla! Always wrecking things. She better not have ruined my mexi by inadvertantly causing some kind of self inflicted mexirevelation. And further more you’re not “misrepresenting” on the blog. You’re more like uber-representing because when writing you can say exactly what you mean, express exactly how you feel, and present it in a way that you can make sure that people understand exactly what you are thinking. As apposed to “in real life” where almost everyone is misrepresenting in all sorts of ways and no one is ever understood.(see also: hair dye, the first six months in a relationship, the wonderbra)

    Its not just you either. This Layla is probably a real Idiot in real life. She may only seem smart in emails because she has time to think in a straight line. She may be some wacko gov’ment agt that does nothing but be a social extrovert going from bar to bar getting nekkid photos of herself posted all over. The point is NO BODY KNOWS HOW TO ACT IN REAL LIFE. see also: federal prisons, Britany Spears, midgets driving cars.

  9. mexi says:

    LAYYYYYYYYLA (dedodedodedodeoooo day do dey doe doe dedodedodedodeoooo DAY do dey doe doe)

    (( I’m really trying to approximate the guitar riff with that last part, its kind of hard ))

    ((( huh huh!! )))

  10. mexi says:

    Oh by the way Layla, I’M THE MAHDI!!! That’s what I was gonna tell you the other day when I asked you if you knew what the Mahdi meant. But that’s not the kind of thing you lay on someone when you first meet them 😀

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