I Heart Matt Stone and Trey Parker

There be heroes at Southpark.

The creators of Comedy Central’s long running Southpark animated series are in the news again this week as they are using their show to lash out again, this time against their own network, for the network’s refusal to air an image of the Prophet Muhammad. 

 Due to the dumbfucks who can’t distinguish cartoon figures from real life violence in other parts of the world following a Danish newspaper’s publication of cartoons featuring images of the Prophet Muhammad, Comedy Central reportedly made the decision not to air any such images “in the interests of public safety”.  While the network is certainly within their rights to do so I think the decision sets a bad precedent because it tells the world that free speech can and will be surrendered due to the threat of force.  The Southpark creators evidently think along a similar vein and Wednesday they highlighted what they regard as the network’s hypocrisy by airing an image of Jesus defecating on President Bush and the American flag.

While at first glance Stone and Parker’s response may be perceived as childish, the message that they are trying to convey is clear:  here in the US, in a predominantly Christian nation, we can air absurd and vulgar depictions of Jesus and we can even rip on the American flag and the sitting President, but showing an image of Islam’s greatest Prophet is out of bounds? Wednesday’s show was not a shot against Jesus, it was clearly a strike aimed at the executives at Comedy Central.  The Catholic League’s William Donohue is evidently too dimwitted and repressed to see that, however, and he issued this statement in response to the episode:

“The ultimate hypocrite is not Comedy Central — that’s their decision not to show the image of Muhammad or not — it’s Parker and Stone,” he said. “Like little whores, they’ll sit there and grab the bucks. They’ll sit there and they’ll whine and they’ll take their shot at Jesus. That’s their stock in trade.”

Ok, first of all I call ad hominem.  Comparing Stone and Parker to diminuitive prostitutes simply because they make money for their efforts is a reach and clearly a smear, and it’s not even a funny one like the stuff on Southpark.  This guy is just mad because his religious ideas get lampooned often (and effectively) on Southpark and the show’s success is proof that, rather than regarding religious ideas as sacrosanct, millions of Americans regard them as funny.  That makes him sad and turns him into a name-calling meanyhead. Witness that as he has accused Matt and Trey of whining, it is evident that he is projecting his own whine-osity on them.

I am impressed with the Southpark creators on two fronts:  Number one that they have the courage and integrity to lampoon ALL religions, regardless of any perceived threat to themselves.  What would be mean spirited and biggoted would be if they made fun of Catholics but not Jews or vice versa.  They are not, however, lampooning any religion in particular but the very idea of religion itself.  That is within their rights, it’s creative and it’s funny, and millions of Southpark viewers evidently agree, so William Donohue needs to fucking lighten up.  I hope, with the sincerest of all hopes, that Matt and Trey lampoon his dumb ass next.

Agree with me or Jesus will pour gasoline on you and set you on fire!

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12 Responses to “I Heart Matt Stone and Trey Parker”

  1. You didn’t do the pbuh thing after you wrote Mohammed! How am I supposed to have fun reading this if I can’t do my “pbuh” sound every time I come across that? Hell, on a lot of the Mohammed articles I read, that is the only funny part about it!

    Try it next time you see it. Just say it exactly like it is spelled. P’buh.

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Try the Arabic: “sallalaho alayhee wasallum” after every time you say Muhammad. That gets annoying after the first million times you say it. Makes Muslims not wanna talk about Islam anymore!

  3. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    I don’t understand why the Muslims didn’t get all pissed off at the Super Best friends episode which featured Muhammed and every intro to the show which also shows muhammed. Stupid Muslims

  4. Mexigogue says:

    Oh my god, you’re right they already showed it before. An informational link is here

  5. HMT says:

    it’s just silly, the weight people put on issues like this.

    as Plato said, “We’re all fighting a hard battle”

  6. R says:

    “This guy is just mad because his religious ideas get lampooned often (and effectively) on Southpark and the show’s success is proof that, rather than regarding religious ideas as sacrosanct, millions of Americans regard them as funny.”

    Disagree with you here. This guy has a point. If you’re going to say, “I don’t like the way you do things here,” but still keep working there, that’s called selling out.

    It’s the same as Rage Against the Machine dropping anarchist lyrics but then reaping the rewards of the institution they’re putting down. Or selling shirts with Che Guevara’s face on them.

  7. Mexigogue says:

    I disagree with your disagree. Matt Stone (pbuh) and Trey Parker (pbuh) should stay with Comedy Central as long as the benefit of the relationship overall outweighs the negative. The show is still outstanding, even with the executive checks and balances.

  8. I’d sell out for that kind of $$ in a heartbeat….

  9. HMT says:

    $$ is bullshit. Laughs are priceless.

  10. Citizen Quasar says:

    Face it. Sooner or later Islam will destroy the world if it goes unchecked. I am sick of hearing about their stupid fucking Jihad. It is nearing time to declare war against Islam. This planet will be better off without ANY religion and Islam in particular.

  11. oregonchick says:

    Mexi – just realized your blog was up and running again! Hooray.

    I agree with you about the South Park episode. Yes, what they show is childish, but man, I think the American public is dumb enough to NEED the commentary to be over-the-top, just so it penetrates. Matt and Trey are brilliant, sellouts or not, and I’m glad you wrote about them here.

    I’m also glad R brought up Rage Against the Machine, because I haven’t thought of them in awhile. One of my favorite memories from high school was Rage Against the Machine as the opening act at Lollapalooza. I walked in as they started with “Killing in the Name,” and was just blown away. Zack De La Rocha spent every pause between songs to tell people NOT to buy the overpriced Rage t-shirts, because the bastards running Lollapalooza were jacking up the prizes so much. Later, the vendors sold out of them and everywhere you looked were kids with hair in 1,000 colors wearing t-shirts with the band’s name across the front.

    Ahhhhh, even as a kid, I found stuff like that funny. No wonder I like South Park…

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