Heh heh!

I don’t even know this guy‘s name but I had to have him throw horns for the blog. He’s not an exact double for HMT but he’ll do in a pinch if he ever needs a stunt double in order to fake his own death. And who doesn’t need that every so often? I know I’m planning to fake my own death with a quickness if Blockbuster ever finds out where I live.

I need to buy a turkey before the last minute. But my Mexican instincts tell me mañana. What to do what to do? To be continued. . .

26 Responses to “Heh heh!”

  1. Nice Rack says:

    I’m amazed the photo is of that dude, and not my ass.

  2. Mexigogue says:

    HAHA! I have that picture from Friday too. And one of your boobs. And like two or three more of you. Taking a camera to the bar is fun!

  3. Nice Rack says:

    There were two of my ass, at least two of my boobs, maybe 2 more of my face and one of me flipping you off. Drunk photos are great!

  4. Linny says:

    I bought my turkey yesterday but after a weekend with my mother and all my whacked out relatives, I’m thinking about freezing it and going to burger king… I hear they are open until 2pm!!!

    by the way… wheres the nekkid booby pictures???

  5. Nice Rack says:

    They aren’t nekkid, I wouldn’t allow that in the bar.

  6. HMT says:

    BOOBIES!!!!! Nice Rack is gonna get it!

    that fucken guy is so not me… but I always appreciate rock spirit. There have been way to many HMT clones lately. I bet NONE of them have a self-crafted dragon ship.

  7. Mexigogue says:

    He looks more like you if I’m really drunk. That’s when the chicks look better too ha! And you’re right, all those other guys have generic mass produced dragon ships.

  8. Nice Rack says:

    That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I don’t remember one of those pictures, so I must have been more drunk than I realized. Where’s my ass?

  9. Mexigogue says:

    Haha. We’ve all asked that at one time or another!

  10. Nice Rack says:

    That is true, where my ass is is a mystery like the bermuda triangle.

  11. Linny says:

    GEEZE… if ya can’t get ‘nekkid in ‘da bar where can ya get ‘nekkid???

    by the way.. you need taller friends… they can’t get the camera up high enough, always seems to be boob high 🙂

  12. Nice Rack says:

    That is just cuz he’s obsessed with my boobs. The other shots he got were zoomed in on my non-existent ass. Those pictures are probably even funnier. Next time I’m out with Mexi I will bring a step stool

  13. R says:

    They don’t grow Mexicans tall. Not usually.

    Which is why I would pwnz0rate all the bitches in Mexico city with my uncanny height advantage over all the short stacks there. They would be at my mercy!


  14. Nice Rack says:

    Um, that’s pretty unlikely.

  15. Northe says:

    Yeah, that’s nothing like HMT compared to Mr. Brightside (See HMT’s blog for that photo). Talk about a dead ringer.


  16. Mexigogue says:

    Yeah I can see it now. A thousand babies in Mexico City with little tee shirts with lower case “r”s.

  17. R says:

    You’ve got plenty of time to get a turkey, dude. As long as you get it by Wednesday.

    Either that or you could go to Denny’s. There ain’t nothin’ like it!

  18. HMT says:

    /cranebeak! FOREVER! haksdfjdsafljdfsalsdfasdf

    “where’s my ass?”


    by Mr. Bungle “My Ass is on Fire”

    I’ll stab you

    Clumps of hair
    In the sink
    Who’s hiding
    Things from me?

    You knew all along, goddammit
    But you wouldn’t tell me
    Well, look at you now

    It’s not funny, my ass is on fire
    Paraplegic, inhuman liar

    Carve a smile
    On your face
    Everything’s great

    It’s beyond my control…I’m coming!


  19. Citizen Quasar says:

    “Mexican instinct” sounds a little Carribean to me. That is, if one considers the Yucutan Penninsula. Then, we’re talking jerk(ed) chicken (not to be confused with “choked” chicken).

    Hey. Ya’ know, I was wandering around in downtown OKC about three years ago, near an ampitheater with a waterfall in a concrete park called “Kerr Park.” It was around sunset and there was a crowd gathering. A large portable video screen was set up with a projector. Many of the people were dressed in “gothic” black.

    Well, anyway, they showed a full-lenght movie about a guy who staged his own death. It was about “The Dweeb” from MTV. It was a rip-roaring, gut-wrenching comedy. I have no idea what the name of this flick was.

    Doyou know? Does Cosmic Siren?

  20. chachi says:

    where are the pics of racks so called “ass” so we can judge for ourselves?

  21. chachi says:

    where are the pics of racks so called “ass” so we can judge for ourselves?

  22. Jenn says:

    Nice Rack, you’re SOOO pretty! I love your hair. I wish I had the balls to cut mine. Short hair’s exotic. I’m proud to be a part of The Brady Bunch aka Treehouse Gang!

    P.S. You really do have a nice rack.

  23. Linny says:

    I’m disturbed by all of this banter…

    new topic please ?!?!?

  24. Phelps says:

    Dude, that is your American instincts. Your Mexican instincts would be “where can I steal a turkey?”