I’m Down

Today is the day of the office move. All our gear is packed and ready to go. Now I have to unhook the keyboard and mouse so I’ll be away from blogging til I don’t know because my kids monopolize the home computer on the weekend. Don’t you b7tches use this opportunity to be calling me all kinds of foul names in the comments or Vishnu will get you! She got enough arms to be slapping the shit out of you and throwing horns for the camera at the same time too. GET THE CABERNETS IN!!!!

12 Responses to “I’m Down”

  1. Jim Darkness says:

    Dude… Vishnu’s a dude, dude. I mean, if you’re all thinking that’s a chick… well, no wonder you slept with Carmen…

    (see… I didn’t call you any names…)

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Geez well what’s with the long hair and lipstick? Oh well so much the better. Anybody who cusses me out will get pimp slapped by a transvestite Hindu diety! It doesn’t get much more humiliating than that!

  3. Linny says:

    man… that mexi guy is hot!!!
    good thing he will never read this…

  4. HMT says:

    You’re a bizzle! Get the bizzles the fucken izzle!

  5. R says:

    You need to discipline your chilluns, dude. Who bought that computer? Who pays the electricity bills? Who pays teh intarwebz fees?

    Seems to me like your kids pwn you like the nubcake you are.

  6. Citizen Quasar says:

    Vishu looks like he-she-it has been smoking opium.

  7. Phelps says:

    I might get the port in. I’ve got some Shiraz port at the apartment that I’ve been working on.

  8. Peggy says:

    Vishnu needs to do some work on those flabby pecs.
    Delete the chick in the pink sari in the last picture and you have a real Michael Jackson moment-way too white skin, too much makeup, over-the-top outfit, all his little animal pals and a few young boys thrown in. Even has the little hand wave thing going.

  9. rae says:

    Being pale and fat is cool.

  10. Phelps says:

    In the second picture, it looks like mini-Vishnu is poking Vishnu in the belly. I wonder if Vishnu goes, “Tee HEE hee hee!” like the Pillsbury Doughboy when you do that.

  11. Peggy says:

    Still no foul name calling on Mexi. Think he’ll be disappointed? It’s almost like he was expecting it.