My favorite scene from “The Big Lebowski” was when The Dude’s longtime friend died and was cremated. The low end vase for the remains was $200 and The Dude was seen remarking how expensive that was. The next scene shows him preparing to scatter the ashes in the ocean, saying a short eulogy and holding his friend’s remains in a Folgers can. Seeing this movie is just one more benefit I got from my Texas trip as I’m one of those people who keeping saying I’m going to watch something but never get around to it. No more BS, Phelps put the DVD in and said “watch!”

As I mentioned before when I was in San Angelo I found the copy of the San Angelo Standard Times where my 10th grade essay was printed in 1987. Getting a copy of that was a high priority for me because I wanted to see how much my ideas and writing styles have changed since then. The gravamen of my argument was that when a person or entity attains power unchecked it becomes a threat to freedom.

If you notice socialists hate Hitler because he is a threat to their security (he’s gonna take our shit and interrupt our business which is taking other people’s shit). Individualists hate Hitler because he is a threat to freedom and property rights. Socialists aren’t really mad at Hitler on those accounts. If they valued freedom and property rights they wouldn’t be socialists. Their whole idea is, after all, the will of the many overriding the rights of the few.

I’ve often wondered how much my political ideas have changed from back then and how many ideas I have held from the start. On May 14, 1987 on my criticism of Hitler I specifically cited the threat to freedom. I can’t prove it because I promptly lost my copy of the article but trust me because if you don’t I’m going to BURY A HATCHET IN YOUR SKULL!!!

If my cousin gets the article for me again I’ll post the text on the blog. It’s kind of embarassing however as it was a first draft. I didn’t edit at all back then, not even for a semester final (or whatever they called that at Central High School.)

I would write more but I think that last paragraph was enough bait. I’m just going to sit here now with the string connected to the stick that’s holding the box up and see if anybody bites. I’ve got nothing better to do.

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  1. Cosmic Siren says:

    *hop* *hop*



    *hops away*

  2. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    Hitler sucks

  3. Adolf Hitler says:

    That makes my feelings all hurty 🙁

  4. R says:

    I wanna see Roosevelt, Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, and Hirohito play a game of RISK. That would fucking pwn.

  5. Cosmic Siren says:

    You need to add Mussolini. Every RISK game needs a patsy to take advantage of.

  6. HMT says:

    I’m gettin em’ in this weekend gents.. I’ll try to take a picture exactly like the one of you guys down there eatin nachos.. only with some hot bitch next to me.

    total \m/

  7. Mexigogue says:

    Make sure you have Shiner beer in the picture man! That stuff is great!