Is Dubya Stupid?

Aiden commented that it is evident that Dubya is stupid and that the US has become the laughingstock of the world. But is Dubya really stupid? Think about it:

I quote UNLV from half a year ago when we were debating prisoner of war ethics:

This war is being fought for the same reasons all American wars since the revolutionary war have been about, American financial and economic interests.

With this in mind, let us go from the presumption that the President was looking to take out Sadaam from the moment he stepped into office, not to avenge his daddy, not to make his friends rich, but because he thought it was in the best interests of the US to take out a middle eastern regime that would not play ball (so to speak) with the US. 9/11 happens providing a convenient pretext for getting the nation riled up and all set to fight. Why not take that opportunity to take out Sadaam?

Sure, the weapons of mass destruction angle was deceitful, but if that’s the case that doesn’t make Dubya stupid, it makes him Machiavellian, more shrewd than Bill Clinton ever was. The prevailing wisdom here is that if you put the smack down on the worst problem child in the class, the rest of the class falls into line. President Reagan did precisely this when Ghadaffi tried to jump bad. If the Libyan dictator would have shown he could defy the US and get away with it then other regimes might have gotten ideas. Reagan was like I got one for your ass, I’ll bomb your house! How you like me now? Ghadaffi chilled the fuck out after that. Reagan kept a lid on things because of the threat of force.

Although I’m not a fan of American intervention into predominately Muslim countries, neither am I a fan of either Ghaddafi or Saddam so I can gloat at these things and I can see the wisdom of the occasional pimp slap. If you slap one ho and the other ten fall into line, is that not the mark of a wise man? So why do people keep insisting that Dubya is dumb? Call him any other name but he is succeeding in his aims. He has won a second term in a divided country, he is accomplishing his foreign policy goals, and he has done so without having to capitulate to either Europe or the UN. These are not easy tasks and his ability to do so is not the mark of a dumb man.

He’s also lied about the motives of the Iraqi resistance. “They hate our freedom.” No, that’s not the case and he knows it. They are fighting because they don’t want to be occupied, no more than we here in the US would want to be occupied by an outside force. But he says they hate our freedom precisely because he knows that the general population here is just dumb enough to buy that argument. Again, that is not the mark of dumb man. Evil perhaps, if you value truth above all else, or good if you view US interests as trumping anything else, but in the end anything but dumb.

“He’s not good at public speaking!” Well neither am I. And on top of that I will tell you that UNLV cannot spell worth a lick. But it’s not because he’s dumb. It’s because he doesn’t care about spelling or it’s the manifestation of repressed sexual issues. But he knows his shit. Believe that.

The real question now is whether Bush is going to spend the next four years consolidating these gains or is he going to get liebenstraum happy and invade Czechloslovakia and Poland next. What happens next will either solidify his legacy as one of the great movers and shakers of the modern era or will expose him as the loose cannon cowboy that the rest of the world thinks he is. We’ll all be watching.

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