I didn’t eat breakfast, I just decided to wait until lunch time to feast. I need a big burrito. Not one of the ones from Pancheros either. I want real Mexican shredded beef, hot salso, onions, and stuff in it. I miss that place in San Angelo I used to get the good stuff from, I can’t even remember what the place was called. La Fuente?

My computer at home died. Rather I think it’s just a power thing. I had it unplugged during the storm and the next day when it was back to normal outside I plugged it back in and booted up. It was on for about 30 seconds and then the power just died. It won’t turn anymore and it seems like an electrical problem. I’m gonna wait and see what I’m gonna do. I think I’m gonna go home and read a book.

I’m thinking when Dubya promised to fire anyone connected to leaking that agent’s name he put himself out too far. He might as well have said “Read my lips.” Changing the standard now is not slick at all and he’s going to pay for it. The thing to do would be to maintain his integrity, stick to the original message, and take his lumps. This other way is gonna hurt.

Gotta go peace.

20 Responses to “Burrito”

  1. HMT says:

    you have California Burritos out there? Not sure if it’s a regional thing or not – if you DO have them then you have no excuses in complaining about burritos.


    “The main draw though is the California burrito, filled to the brim with just about everything they could think to wrap in a tortilla, including french fries.”

  2. Adrian says:

    WHY dude, WHY?

    I wasnt hungry until I read two sentences of your latest post. Punk.

  3. Mexigogue says:

    Haha! When I said “gotta go” it’s because I had to drive to North Lansing for my job. I stopped at Jalapenos (sorry, no California Burritos here) and I bought not one but two burritos, each with shredded beef, beans, onions, guacamole, and hot sauce. Turns out I could only eat one so I threw the other in the freezer. It’s an embarassment of riches!

  4. Citizen Quasar says:

    Thanks for clearing that up. I visualized you in a dead run for the shitter.

  5. HMT says:

    embarrassment of riches!


    I want Jalapenos now.

  6. R says:

    Was that burrito made by illegal Mexican immigrants? Cuz that’s the only way you can even dare to say it was authentic.

  7. Brian says:

    Did you ever eat in that place in San Angelo called “Mejor Que Nada?” You gotta love a place called “Better than Nothing”…all the gringos would go there. I would always go to the places with the pink stucco falling off the walls and get 6 tacos for like 75 cents. I would like to say I miss San Angelo, but I don’t, except for the comida.

  8. rae says:

    Brian, you are a total tool.

    I bet if I said agua – you’d feel all ethnic and shit.

  9. Jenn says:

    Define hot sauce if you will.

    And none of you all have had a REAL burrito ’til you come here. R’s right. And we do got illegal immigrants making them.

  10. Mexigogue says:

    Oh my god, you were stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base Brian??? My condolences. I used to work in the mess hall there as a civilian when I was sixteen! They were talking about closing the base way back then. Then all these people started protesting that they would lose their jobs. So what? Go to where the jobs are, it’s not the government’s (or anybody else’s) responsibility to keep obsolete places open just so people can keep their jobs. Yeah, there’s not much about San Angelo to miss.

  11. Mexigogue says:

    Jenn, I said hot sauce because if I said chile the white people would think I meant chili and the black people would think I was talking about somebody’s child. I don’t like saying salsa. YOU know what I mean.

  12. Jenn says:

    Well, thanks for clearing that up. I was about to say you didn’t deserve the name Mexi.

  13. Man we got the best Mexican spot here in Phoenix, It’s called Los Dos Molinos, It’s new mexico style mexican food (Jenn should know the difference) and their chilis are like rocket fuel, hot going in and even hotter coming out the exhaust.

  14. Phelps says:

    Now I have to go to Chipotle for lunch. And Bush never said he was going to fire anyone. Besides, what’s going to happen? He doesn’t get reelected for a third term?

    If I was Bush, I would have been laughing my ASS by December. I would be all, “HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW, BITCHES!” And then I would get a bunch of Patriot missiles, and I would put them on the border of Iraq, and start shooting nukes out of the Persian Gulf at Syria, and right before they detonated in Damascus, I would shoot them down, and then send an IM to Assad sying, “LOL Psych! PWN3D!!! LU53R!”

    And then I would let the last missile through. I would wait about half an hour while I had some nachos with extra beef and jalepenos, and then I would prank the president of Iran. “Dude! WTF?!? We didn’t even know you had missiles to shoot at Syria! You dumb fuck, now we have to nuke you!” And he would be all like, “?que? no habla” and I would hang up, get on TV and say, “we have credible intelligence from Pakistan that Iran has just nuked Syria. This means, of course, on the Kuwait Doctrine, that we have to nuke Iran.” BAM. And while all the nerds are looking up “Kuwait Doctrine” on google, I would get India to nuke Pakistan.

    What I’m really trying to say is that burritos are sweet.

  15. Mexigogue says:

    Dude you’re on meth!

  16. Phelps says:

    YOU’RE on meth.

    And I even listened to Burritos by Sublime on the way over. I don’t wanna sound like a queer or nothing, but I think Burritos is a kick ass song.

  17. Mexigogue says:

    Haha! Burritos!

    (I didn’t know it was a song)

    Don’t forget people my home computer is screwed so I’ll see you all tomorrow!

  18. Phelps says:

    Alright! Let’s all break a bunch of shit and eat all his pizza and drink all his beer while he’s gone! And me and Jenn should go foul his bed with our genetic filth so he has to sleep in it!

  19. Jenn says:

    UNLV, ALOT of places say they have “real” New Mexican chili. THEY LIE!