Rachael Says I’m Fat

I’m buying running shoes. Here is my “before” picture.


18 Responses to “Rachael Says I’m Fat”

  1. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    dudse you got fat

  2. robin says:

    Holly jeepers!!! Batman really let himself go

  3. mexigogue says:

    Yeah. I figure posting a “before” picture will be motivation for me. I don’t want to start running again and suddenly stop a week later. Just bought the shoes today!

  4. R says:

    Teh fatz0rz.

  5. mexigogue says:

    ARRRRR! Just went for my first run in the new shoes. Feels good! Pretty soon I’ll look like Batman instead of the Penguin!

  6. Moses from Detroit says:

    Mike yo have to be one of the funniest people I know. Now you know you have to stick to this or else you are are going to hear about it.

  7. Sir Mixalot says:

    Well Rachael say “you’re fat”
    Well I ain’t down wit dat
    Cuz your man titties are small and your belly’s kickin
    And I’m thinkin bout stickin
    To the bean eatin Mexi’s in the Mickey D’s
    You aint it senoir
    Give me a pudgy mexi I can’t resist it
    taco taco? Burrito burrit? Si Si

  8. mexigogue says:


  9. RAE says:


  10. mexigogue says:

    Well you certainly are mean-spirited. You should be kind and compassionate like me. Bitch!

  11. rae says:

    MMmmmhmmmm- kind you say??

    Okay then. Gee Mexi, it looks as though you’ve cut down on eating those yummy chalupas that your tia Maria makes. Perhaps you should write a diet book called “beans and rice-the meximuslim diet” and then I’d be kind and buy a copy for my neighbor’s chiuaua.

  12. mexigogue says:

    That’s not kind. That’s just kind of unnerving. Go back to being a total Rachael. That’s easier for me to handle.

  13. RAE says:

    Okay sorry.

    Did I mention that your man boobies look very perky these days?? That WAS a compliment by the way-they are perkier then mine!!

  14. mexigogue says:

    Hey what are you doing up at this hour? I thought your kind turned to stone in the sunlight.

  15. rae says:

    I get up Mon-Sat at 4am to be at work by 5am. Yesterday I was in the sun and instead of turning to stone I turned bright redish purple.
    Consequently, today my whole body feels like it’s on fire.

  16. Phelps says:

    Heh. Chalupas. I wonder if Rae realized she was being punny.

  17. R says:

    Chizalupas in the hizouse, motherfuckers!

    God damn.