Sound Recording

Listen to the Sound recording of the rap!!! It was so dope I had to throw horns!

11 Responses to “Sound Recording”

  1. ibrahim says:

    Ah that is a nice ditty. It reminds me of the ones I would make up as a child. My family and I hid from the nazis in Poland when I was only four. We had nothing to eat but rice chex and faygo but we did not complain! Even when the rats would steal papas speedos and he had to go without at the gay bar! People today are not as hard as those of us who had to resist the fascists of the old days. Sure we had much cooler clothes and hair styles and our cartoons had the dark ones with the white lips but we suffered! So sing on my non-semetic brother! Do not let even the harshest critic stop you from doing what you love. Even if it causes those you care for the most to itch in unfamiliar places. Places even the doctor would not go near without throwing up in his mouth a little. Au reservoir doggs! as the french would say! Ok, that’s not really a french term! Not at all! I made that up just now for you my friend! I did so because you inspire me! Until another day my friend. I leave you now to your other entries. -i

  2. Now that was the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey we need to put out a demo on that motherfuckin song. Hell Yeah Mexi!

  3. Mexigogue says:

    Shout out to TB for teaching me how to throw horns! Metal!

  4. Phelps says:

    While Mexi can do what he wants on his cute little blog, there shall be no “shout outs” on my blog, nor will there be any Swap Shop.

    I have spoken.

  5. Mexigogue says:

    (tweaking my own blog’s cheeks!)

  6. TB says:

    Mexi is my fucken hero.

    don’t worry phelps, I’ll keep the bitches comin..

  7. Faye says:

    that was much better than how I heard it in my head

  8. rae says:

    A gangsta throwin horns- what’s next?

    Mexi gettin some pussy for a change?

    That was sexy Mexi-but stick to singin “Cloud Nine” it suits you betta!!

  9. Mexigogue says:

    One time I scored with this slut I met at the Point After!!!

  10. rae says:

    WOW!! I hope you got some!!