Credibility in the MJ Trial


Confronted with questions about a report she made against her ex-husband accusing him of molesting her daughter, the woman refused to answer the question directly and instead turned to the jury again and said, “No, he’s wrong.”

But after a verbal tug-of-war of words between the witness and lawyer, she agreed she had made such a report, but said it was “in the midst of all the other information about (the ex-husband).”

The mom seems to be awfully fond of accusing people of sexual impropriety. JC Pennys, her ex husband, and now Michael Jackson. Is this just something she shouts out from time to time?

from an ABC news story.

5 Responses to “Credibility in the MJ Trial”

  1. Cosmic Siren says:

    Maybe she’s guilty and is trying to divert the blame.

  2. One of my favorite bars in Dallas was The Lite’n Easy. One of my favorite musicians there was an old man named Michael J. Martin. Michael J. Martin was a one man show who played country/folk and had produced several albums. (Honorable mention = “When Johnny Comes Marchin’ Home.” It was about Vietnam.)

    Anyway, Michael J. Martin said that he had met Michael Jackson once. He said that Michael Jackson was the only person he ever met who had a face that looked like it was melting.

  3. Mexigogue says:

    Joan Rivers has a nice one too.

  4. rae says:

    I bet she actually molested Michael Jackson.

  5. Jeremy says:

    They both molest my eyes…