A CNN news story describes a death sentence being tossed out by the Colorado Supreme Court because Bible verses were referenced by jurors during the deliberations, specifically “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” The court apparently bought the arguments of the defense attorney Kathleen Lord who said that the jurors had gone outside the law. “They went to the Bible to find out God’s position on capital punishment.” The sentence was changed to life in prison.

In my expert opinion as a data entry guy the court erred in this ruling. If the Mosaic law and state law were in conflict and the jurors applied the Biblical law instead, that would be wrong. But this is clearly a case where both Colorado and Old Testament law agree. The death penalty is allowed by both and therefore a Bible reference to that effect does not hinder justice. In fact, the fact that four jurors looked up the relevant scripture might actually be a case of one juror citing the Bible to another who was unwilling to apply the death penalty based on the New Testament mercy stuff. I imagine it may have gone like this:

Juror #5: I would like to apply the death penalty in this case but being that I’m a God-shmooker I mustn’t be the first to cast stones and in any case I must practice mercy and therefore I don’t want to apply the death penalty because it’s secular law.

Juror #9: You suck because you know this guy deserves to die, you’re a noob, and at any rate the Bible also says “a life for a life” . The death penalty which is clearly allowed by Colorado law is in no wise conflicted with your holy balderdash.

Juror#5: No way! Does it really say that? I never actually read the Old Testament stuff. Lemme see! (flip flip flip!) Heyyyyyy. . . I’ll be damned. Thanks juror #9!

Juror #9: Not a problem! Go AoD!

See? Referring to ones own value system is clearly acceptable when those premises don’t conflict with secular law. The court got this one wrong.

Let the Bodies Hit the Flo'”

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  1. R says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Juror #5 is a n00b! pwn3d!!! LOL! OMG! WTF!!!11

  2. Phelps says:

    Actually, Juror #5 would properly be a Jesus-schmooker, and Juror #9 would be a God-schmooker.

  3. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    What is a noob?

  4. Mexigogue says:

    Evidently you. Haha. No, in the gaming world someone who is new to a game (and usually sucks) is referred to a new-bee. After saying it a lot they just shorten it to newb or noob. It’s the ultimate insult.

  5. R says:

    Yeah. It’s a pretty awesome insult.

    BTW, what’s the deal with that video? Just a bunch of people falling to their deaths? I thought it’d be like some awesome bloodbath where a squad of noobs get pwned.

  6. Mexigogue says:

    We were supposed to jump in unison. I pulled the pin on a grenade before I jumped. Then the last guy (the guy doing the filming) gets killed by my grenade just before he hits the ground so I get over 200 negative points for violating the rules of engagement. quite good with the music I thought.

  7. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    So noob is like ebonics for geeks.

  8. Mexigogue says:

    It took me a minute to get what you’re saying. Yes, it’s geek slang.

  9. guy in the UNLV jacket says:


  10. Mexigogue says:

    I took a picture of myself wearing the headset with built in microphone that I use to communicate with the other team players during the game. I should post it tomorrow!

  11. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    You should post a picture of yourself wearing a bra on your head!!!

  12. Mexigogue says:

    Shut up! I could post a picture of myself with a t-shirt that’s pulled up and tied in a knot over my stomach and I’d still be cooler than you!!!

  13. R says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You use a headset?!? Teh wild!!!!!

    Do you assume like a fake voice, your internet voice, per se, to communicate with your squad mates?

    That’s fucking awesome. That’s so geeky to use a headset with a mic!

    LOLOOLOL!!!OMG!!!111 ^_^

  14. Mexigogue says:

    I don’t have an internet voice, I’m just me. I do, however, have an internet persona. I’m not really this bombastic in real life. . . just kind of. Geeky! geeky! geeky!

  15. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    Dude you should make up an internet voice. I say you use a whisper and an Italian accent. Sort of like a young Godfather.

  16. Phelps says:

    Wow. That makes we wonder if G has already heard Russ doing the “Gary’s Lahver” voice.

  17. TB says:

    the guy in that clip needs a faster internet connection…

    and I’ll make a connection to this post in regards to that.

    perhaps he should pray to christ on that. On the fact he needs a faster internet connection.

    “for god sayeth…let thy shut-ins have the fastest of internet connections for which to defile me and plan school massacres.”