Old Post Rehashed

It seems my one year blogiversary came by on February 5 and I didn’t notice. The Mexigogue is one year and 20 days old now. More than a full year now (358 entries, to be exact) and I’m still doing basically what I did at the beginning which is vying for attention like a quadruple amputee afraid of being forgotten (Look ma, no hands!)

In the beginning posting on the blog was kind of like playing pool against myself. I was spinning my wheels but I tried to post something readable every day, if nothing else than for my own amusement. Gradually other players began to show up and we’ve had some friendly games lots of laughs. We also had other times when people just attacked each other with cue sticks. The early days are now pretty much long forgotten.

One of my very first posts deserves to be rehashed today, both since almost nobody was around to read it the first time and also in response to the recent news of a 12 year old Lansing girl who was abducted and murdered this past week. My second post of all time was in response to a similar situation that came up last year and the logic still applies. Read it here and tell me what you think.

24 Responses to “Old Post Rehashed”

  1. Julio Patel says:

    I replied to that entry a year ago, and what I said still stands. Give that sick F***er over to the family…make it a public spectacle.

  2. Mexigogue says:

    I read about a girl who actually fought an attacker off. I told my kids to kick in the shins, bite, scream, PULL THAT MOTHERFUCKER’S EYEBALL RIGHT OUT OF THE SOCKET and SPIKE IT LIKE YOU JUST MADE IT TO THE END ZONE!!

  3. rae says:

    I have to say that I’m against the death penalty but I have a feeling that if it was MY kid- I’d change that opinion real quick.

  4. guy in the UNLV jacketg says:

    What’s the big deal? Just one less piece of white trash in the world?

  5. Mexigogue says:

    Why in the world would you be against the death penalty? If you remove someone from this world without cause then justice demands that you get the same. It’s math, pure and simple. Are you against math?

  6. R says:

    I’m against the math that says my paying $13,000 in annual income and social security taxes still isn’t enough. I could have paid my fucking car off with that shit.

    Fucking old people.

  7. Mexigogue says:

    If we could somehowe tweak the deal so that perverts start abducting old people we would be all set. Must work on this. . .

  8. R says:

    Good idea. I propose a system kind of like what SETI has where when people’s computers aren’t doing anything, they’re deciphering space signals, except we should try to figure out a way to eliminate taxes altogether. A super-powerful network of machines seems to be the only way to go here because once I wrote a program on my computer and I entered “Figure out how I can not pay taxes” and pressed [ENTER] and the stupid thing just sat there.

    So I figure my machine simply isn’t powerful enough by itself to figure it out. We must harness the power of the internet.

  9. rae says:

    I believe that it is not up to ANY human when another should die-that’s just me. I know Mexi is gonna tear me a new one for this but that’s okay.

  10. Phelps says:

    Yes, R… I can feel your anger. Give in your anger and join the Libertarian side.

    Soon, you will call me… Master.

  11. Mexigogue says:

    I’m not gonna tear you a new one Rae. I will simply observe that you prefer a system that victimizes the murdered person’s family even further by denying them justice. Their sobbing makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

  12. R says:

    I already lean libertarian. I think a libertarian view can be applied to the death penalty as well. It’s kind of complex for me since I also agree with Rae in that no human being has the right to decide to end the life of another human being.

    However, like Mex said, you don’t want to imagine the pain a father of a daughter so brutally killed. But just because you say “Humans shouldn’t kill other humans, either by murder or state-sanctioned murder” that won’t erase the pain a father or mother experience.

    When a person kills another human being, willfully and knowingly (and here’s where the lawyers can fuck with sanity and shit like that, but I’m playing with theory here), why should he/she expect to continue enjoying life when they have taken it upon themselves to deny another person the same pleasure? I say when you kill a human being out of malice or anger, etc, you give up your own right to live. We all have an innate right to life, but, if we are going to no longer have that right, that should be a personal choice to surrender it. And one way you make that choice is by killing another human being. Thus YOU have given up your right to live.

    So why have the cost of the state housing and feeding and maintainig a prisoner until they have to ultimately eliminate them? Here’s where the libertarian steps in. If we adopted some rule wherein a person gives up their right to continue living by making the choice of killing another, the state can say to a relative, “Yo, I’m not going to deny that you’re feeling pain. I’m also not going to deny that this bastard has given up his right to life. But I’m also not going to spend tax-payer money to kill him for his crimes. I’m just not going to be looking in your general direction for a few minutes, and that’s all I’m going to say.”

    So the state looks the other way, and the person more worthy of exacting his own sense of justice and retribution (after all, if not the state, who else is suited to do so?) and everybody is happy.

  13. rae says:

    Mexi-to me-I’d rather pay to have a murderer in prison-secluded from society-making my license plates-then actually make the choice or condone their murder. Yes I said “their murder”. That’s what it is.

    I believe that by imprisoning them I am doing justice for the victim-by taking away the murderers luxury of living in society. HOWEVER, I do think that prisons should not have more amenities than the local Holiday Inn.

    I firmly believe that every thing you do will come back to bite you in the ass or reward you.

    For example, when I was a strung out coke-head I stole this chicks coat cause I KNEW it had $250 in it. A week later-my purse was stolen and it had about $400 in it. (and no I wasn’t at Leroys LOL) Another example was when I cheated on a guy I was dating only to have my HUSBAND cheat on me years later. Say what you want-but I do believe in karma.

    An example of good karma? After years of drugs and hurting people, I decided to turn my life around and dedicate myself to helping others-homeless, drug addicts– I’m a bleeding heart as you say-and my reward is that one of the people I hurt back then-during my drug years-one of my biggest regrets-has not only forgiven me but become my “better half”. There is no reward greater than that.

  14. Mexigogue says:

    No. You kill my brother and I want you dead. Secluded from society is not enough. My brother doesn’t draw another breath then you should not either. Anything less is injustice.

  15. rae says:

    So the next time you yell “I hate Black People” in Leroys to make others think it’s me– I can call my brother the cop and tell him you tried to get my ass kicked and have him come up with a reason to arrest you to get back at you?

  16. Mexigogue says:

    You’re confusing justice with funny.

  17. rae says:

    And your confusing justice with revenge.

  18. Mexigogue says:

    Revenge is you hurt me and I hurt you back. Justice is you take this from me so this is taken from you. In the case of capital punishment for murder the two (justice and revenge) actually coincide so I’m not confusing which is which, they just happen to be in the same spot.

  19. rae says:

    You’re dumb.

  20. In the last few years, many (about 100?) people on death row have been exhonerated and set free, largely due to DNA testing.

    Many of these falsely convicted death row inmates were in Oklahoma. Many of these were due to this (black) bitch who worked for the Oklahoma City Police Department and falsified DNA records for the District Attorney’s office to falsely convict people. (I am sure she is a Christian and thinks she will be forgiven. After all, it was not her fault. The Devil made her do it.)

    However, some people DESERVE TO DIE. Therefore, I am FOR the death penalty.

  21. R says:

    Actually, karma gets “repaid” upon your next life. So the actions you take during your present life all add up to a net karmic value and thusly shape your subsequent life as a kangaroo.

    I kind of agree with Mex, though. If I had a daughter and some fuck killed her, I’d want utter and absolute vengeance, through and motherfuckin’ through. You can write all the legislation you want about how we SHOULD act, but taking the life of one’s daughter, to me, seems to transcend moral theory.

  22. Mexigogue says:

    People get twisted on this point because most accepted morality rejects violence as a legitimate mode of human behavior. For example if I stole twenty dollars from you and you whoop the dog shit out of me that’s not a valid defense in court, your tat exceeded the initial tit. Justice demands that I repay the $20 and then get punished in some non violent means.

    But when the crime is murder then the criminal cannot bring the dead back to life. The proper punishment should then be that the criminal lose his life too. Justice cannot be attained any other way so in that case violence against the criminal is justified.

  23. Phelps says:

    I’m pretty close to being in line with R. My view on the death penalty is that when we put someone in prison for life, we are effectively giving him the death penalty anyways. We are giving him “Death by Random Causes” (like heart attack or shanked or something) rather than “Death by Lethal Injection”. Economically, since we have taken his life from him anyways, let’s cut our losses early.

    I have no problem with the death penalty for capital crimes as it, and I don’t limit it to murder. Throw in kidnapping, treason (constitutional treason), Violent Extortion, etc. The problem that I do have is how we administer the justice system that leads to the death penalty. I’m a firm believer of Franklin’s “better to let 10 guilty men go than to condemn one innocent man” theory. When we convict anyone of anything, we should be damned sure that we are right. And then we punish them as much as possible. Right now, our justice system is more of a railroad than a finder of fact. Let’s get the prosecutors off the numbers game, and get prosecutorial discression back into the game. I think judges give lenient sentences because they know that so many cases are a pile of shit, and they can’t find out what they need to know when to throw the book at someone and when to slap him on the wrist because the prosecutor is making it all up to inflate his numbers.

    And while we are at it, let’s get jury nullification back into the mix. I consider the OJ verdict to be jury nullification, and while it was a terrible case for it to be exerted on, I agree that juries should have that power.

  24. Phelps says:

    And I disagree with Rae’s claim that the death penalty is murder. Even all the way back to the Old Testament Hebrew, there have been seperate words for “kill” and “murder”. (The comandment says “shall not murder” rather than “shall not kill”.) Murder is when you wrongfully take someone’s life.

    If you walk up to someone random and hit him in the head with a hammer, that’s murder. If you walk up to someone wearing the enemy’s uniform and hit him in the head, that’s killing. When you have a judge tell you it is ok to hit someone in the head with a hammer, that’s a killing.

    If someone breaks into your house and hits you in the head with a hammer, that’s murder. If someone breaks into your house and you hit him with a hammer, that’s a killing.