Russ Martin/Fight Club

I sent an e-mail to Russ Martin of the Dallas based radio show of the same name. His show is funnier than an ex wife in a tsunami so I had to write and tell him as much. Add to that that I’m tired of hearing the flat midwest dialect so a show with a bit of Texas in the voice is makes me feel like I’m back in the Lone Star State. I cannot do the show justice by trying to describe it in a blog but it’s like bullshitting at the bar with all your friends and if you ever get an opportunity to relocate to Dallas, DO IT! Or you can pay $7 a month and listen to the show online, that might be easier than uprooting your life. This is not a paid advertisement, I really like the show that much.

In other news I finally played up to my potential in the pool league last night. Monday night league is so much harder than Tuesday night league it’s not even funny. It’s taken me half the season to make the adjustment because the first shooters in this league often shoot just as well as the 4th and 5th shooters on Tuesdays.

My win to loss ratio so far has been less than stellar but last night I came with the noise. I was hitting shots, getting leaves, and putting some rope-a-dope on the ball when I need to. In fact the one game I lost might have been the best game I played all night but my opponent managed to get out after banking all the way across the table after I left him a tough safe. Winning two out of three was a welcome change after nine straight weeks of winning just one a night. I’ve been battling a change of style while incorporating drawback into my game but I vow that it’s come together now and I will revert to my winning ways.

Speaking of pool, the other night I had a dream worthy of the movie Fight Club. Spoiler alert: if you have not seen the movie, do not read any further! Yes Dave, that means YOU! Anyway I dreamed I went to Dallas for a vacation to hang out with Phelps. When I went to the bar to meet him he wasn’t there but people kept going up to me and mistaking me for someone else. Somehow I was already signed up for a pool tournamnent and I was quickly in the winner’s bracket. Then one of the organizers approached me and asked how I had gotten such an advantageous placement in the chart, getting all sorts of byes and quickly into the money round. “Who set you up in this tournament?” I said Phelps’ real name.

“Let me tell you something about (his real name)” the organizer said. “(his real name) is a pool hustler!” This didn’t jibe with what I know about him so I just said ok. The guy repeated “No, you’re not listening to me, (his real name) is a pool hustler and he’s got you into some shit here!”

I found it strange that I had showed up to meet Phelps but he was no where to be found and now I was into some mess. “But I’m not a hustler” I protested. “I’m only here trying to hustle a few games.” I started to realize something.

Then I woke up.

10 Responses to “Russ Martin/Fight Club”

  1. The "D" says:

    Okay I stopped reading before the good part. I will get the movie this week. Then I will revisit the blog.

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Wow. I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation. Whenever somebody says “don’t do this”, I always do this!

  3. rae says:

    Don’t email me anymore Mexi. 😉

  4. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    A little reverse psychology today. Man this is one highly functioning blog!!!

  5. Mexigogue says:

    I’m bored. We should see if we can get Celeste to host another party!

  6. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    Speaking of MLK day yesterday they had a big march here in Phoenix and afterwards a gang battle. I was watching it on TV and my only thought was “don’t let them be black” and sure as shit there they were a bunch of uncle tom, samboing yessir master NIGGERS fighting at a MLK celebration. Man these ass clown don’t even know what that man and his sacrafices did for them…..

  7. Mexigogue says:

    The Klan should award them the Iron Cross. Keeping stereotypes alive!

  8. Amicusser says:

    Hey, Mexi, Frank J just served your whole RELIGION!

  9. Amicusser says:

    AND he has Alberto Gonzalez impersonating you, too. I think he is Kraddicking your blog.

  10. TB says:

    wait a minute… you got out of Texas and you MISS it!

    oh, perhaps I had you all wrong.