More Victims

I’m reading this CNN story on Hispanic and Asian population growth and it states that due to immigration and higher birth rates Hispanics and Asians are the fastest growing minority groups in the US. No surprise there, but what did jump out at me is the observation in the article by an expert on US and Latin American relations.

“If we didn’t have those elements, we would be moving into a situation like Japan and Europe … where the populations are graying in a way that is very alarming and endangering their productivity and endangering even their social security systems,” he said.

Back when I wrote that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme I pointed out that the scheme can only go on as long as new victims are brought in to repay the previous victims until it finally gets to a point that the number of new victims eventually cannot exceed the old victims and the whole thing goes bust. Here you have an expert saying basically that the short term fix for social security is high numbers of immigrant and high birthrates which creates more workers (victims) who pay in to social security who will sustain the system for a time. But these new workers will never see a return on their, ahem, investment because eventually immigration and birthrates level off and then these guys are screwed.

Remember how they used to play musical chairs and it was always funny because at the end there were two people and one chair and somebody was always ass-out? This has been the nature of the scheme from the beginning. Here is the logical concusion of the New Deal. Thank you Roosevelt.

Short of grinding old people up into dog food I don’t have the solution to this mess. My only point is to observe that all these government initiatives that sound so great at the beginning always have to be paid for by someone. At present this one is getting paid for by young workers who won’t see a return on their money. I’d rather get paid all my cash up front. Because once the elderly get their old crinkly fingers around it, you’re never getting it back.

(that last comment I shamelessly stole from a Phelps posting on an INTJ list)

5 Responses to “More Victims”

  1. Only one problem with you theory. The illegals don’t pay into the Social Security shell game. The immigrants who come here when they are 45 only work for a few years then want SS benefits when they retire. Social security should be scrapped immediatly….It is bad bad bad, and all the immigrants should leave, including my wife!! The only immigrants we should take in are hot Asian chicks with fake boobs!!!!!

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Most immigrants come here in their 20s, many gain citizenship and they will be paying into SS. The ones who don’t become citizens don’t pay into SS but they won’t collect it either so their effect is negligible as far as the Social Security numbers. No your wife should not go as she’s smart, beautiful, and legal.

  3. You are basing your “most immigrants come here in their 20s” on what? Wife needs to go so that I can be with Jenn!! Mmmmmm Jennb

  4. Mexigogue says:

    I’m basing it on the CNN article. Since you didn’t read it I will quote the relevant paragraph:

    Most immigrants to the United States tend to arrive in their 20s, when many people have children. A far greater percentage of non-Hispanic whites than Hispanics is 65 or older; the opposite is true of those under 18.