World War II

HMT posted a picture over at his blog that gives you World War II in a nutshell. That was my favorite war, particularly since the United States wasn’t eager to get in it. Before the United States entered there was a fairly strong movement in the US that favored non involvement. I’ve seen pictures from that era where demonstrators held up signs such as “The Yanks are NOT coming” and the like. But when Pearl Harbor was bombed all bets were off. The United States was kind of like Bruce Lee hanging back watching to see how the brawl develops until some idiot messes around and punches him making him taste blood.

It was a hell of a war to jump in. The Nazis were tearing through Europe with their blitzkrieg, a war tactic hitherto unseen. It had to be terrifying to be on the wrong side of that (think Buffalo Bills no-huddle offense with Jim Kelley at the helm but with explosives instead of footballs). The Japanese Empire was a formidable foe (vast understatement) in the East because they were ruthless, tenacious, and just kept coming. The horrors visited upon Americans and Philipinos in Bataan was decidedly balls. Americans (and some resident aliens) thronged to enlist in the fight against evil and were thrust into the very bowels of hell. That is why the Battle of Iwo Jima and the raising of the Stars and Stripes was a strategic and an emotional turning point and was extremely tits.

The allied victory in World War II marked the end of the Third Reich and raised the US to superpower status. Other ancillary benefits were stimulation of the economy, gains in US race relations due to a combined (if segregated) effort, and advances in military technology that carried over to civilian use like the microwave oven, the pineapple grenade cat-getter-from-the-tree-downer, and the Darth Vader helmet (modeled after the German Army’s). To those who say violence is never the answer I respond it is when the problem is violence.

Don’t make me stab you!

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  1. Citizen Quasar says:

    Thank you for honoring Memorial day.

    Actually, many people just saw Germany invade France…something not to get TOO upset about even today.

    The Iwo Jima pic you posted was staged (The original flag was much smaller.) but it is the one they made the statue out of.

    Personally, I would like to upload my mushroom cloud pic. The caption reads: “Made in America. Tested in Japan.”

  2. Jenn says:

    Wow, great post! You’re a smart guy there, huh? 😛

    WWII is also my favorite war. I feel weird saying any war is my “favorite.” But you catch my drift, no?

    There’s this awesome book on WWII, it’s HUGE and has great pictures and captions to go with them, and of course lots of reading, but I’m a loser and can’t remember the name of it for the life of me. I just know I sat at Barnes N Noble for hours reading it one day and completely lost in it.

    If I remember the name of it I’ll let you know, but I also promised that to Katie sometime last year. I really need to remember, it’s a must read. At least I think so.

  3. R says:

    The Iraq War is going to be my favorite war. I say “going to be” because after it’s over and we forget about all the Americans that died fighting it, we’re going to have some awesome jokes about it.

  4. Jeremy says:

    That’s funny, it reminds me of this big, 50′ tall inflatable slide at the Va State Fair, shaped like the sinking Titanic. I commented to my girlfriend’s mom, “I wonder how long it will take to get a 9/11 slide.” She went and looked at something else. In her defense, it was October 2001.

  5. Phelps says:

    After it’s over? Hell, there is a ton of funny and kick ass video coming out now. Like the one of the airstrike hitting and the guys that called it in going, “HELL YEAH, burn in hell, you Muj motherfucker!” I laugh everytime I hear that. Or the one where you have the crowd of rioting terrorists coming around a corner, and the jet drops a bomb on the crowd, and the wingman waits a second and goes, “… duuuude.”

    I think that it has always been funny to kill evil people in creative and entertaining ways. We just never really caught it on film before. Before, we either didn’t have many cameras and what we had were censored (WW2) or all the guys with the cameras wanted to make our guys look like the evil ones (Korea, Nam, Gulf I, Somalia…)

  6. oregonchick says:

    For being uninvolved in WWII prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we were pretty dang involved. We were sending supplies and troops to Great Britain through the lend-lease program, financing efforts, helping with training, etc. Roosevelt was ready to go, as soon as he had the will of the American people behind him.

    Too bad Karl Rove and the other chicken hawks in our current administration weren’t available in the early 1940s. We could have been fully engaged within a couple of weeks, declared victory in a month, and then fought the battle for the next several years by tamping down “terrorist cells” and rounding up blonde-haired, blue-eyed “insurgents” all across Europe. Now THAT would have been a war for the ages.

  7. idiot says:

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