Shit Talkers

Last night a couple of league players from another bar came up in Leroy’s. They signed up on the board and started saying things like “The table’s ours after this” and “We might be on this table all night!” When time for their game was approaching one guy got this smug smile and said “This won’t take long.” He had to play Dave anyway and I could see Dave bristle with every smart ass comment they made. I credit his anger anagement program, he didn’t let it affect him outwardly except for a few puffs of steam coming out of the ears and some fire in his eyes. He even managed to smile when his opponent introduced himself.

There was one catch however. The guy told Dave he wanted to play partners. Dave at first said he didn’t have a partner. I waved like ‘hello!’ and he said oh right, I’ll take Mike! Our opponents maintained their condescending attitiude all the way through the start of the game.

Ten minutes later we had to ask the waitress for a giant sized ashtray. . . BECAUSE THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS GOT SMOKED!!!!!!

That is all.

7 Responses to “Shit Talkers”

  1. Amanda says:


    Good job.

  2. TB says:

    Have I said how badly I want to go to Leroys yet?

    Me and Laurie can meet up there..put some Iron Maiden on the jukebox, and work our magic w/ the Mexigogogogogogue crew..


  3. Mexigogue says:

    This time I thought it would be funnier to do the build up to the game but not to put any details, just state the end result. But for serious I was glad as hell we won that game. Those dudes were good but with all the stuff they were talking Dave said real quietly to me “This is OUR table!” and I knew this was for all the imaginary marbles.

  4. THE "D" says:

    I was really happy that we won too!!! What were those two crack heads thinking anyway? If you are good please keep it to yourslf so you don’t give your opponents reason to whoop your ass. It is nice to come into a bar and say nothing then whoop everybody’s ass.

    Mexi you have to write about the dumbass lastnight “Is that a sneeky peet, is that what they call those”?

    How lame was that. I even knew the pool hustler that he was trying to set us up for. Please…………….. we have been playing this game too long to fall for the banana in the tailpipe!!!!

  5. Phelps says:

    We got smoked bowling Friday, in the position round, no less. Lost 4, went from 3rd to 5th in the last week of the season.

    The real bitch is that I was rolling just under my average while I was sick (I was one pin over what they would get for rolling me blind, two games in a row) and then I went and rolled a 208 the third game. And we still lost that one. One game would have been enough for us to keep 4th.

    Since I only have a 123 average, I’ll be gettting a 75 Over patch, though. I might be getting high handicap game, too, but I think that is like a 298. My handicap would only put me at 276. Next week is sweepers. If I can roll a couple more 200s, I’ll take ALL the money in the sweepers. I’m going to cross-over with pretty much every woman in the alley, if they will take me. There are only about 20 on the league.

  6. Mexigogue says:

    Phelps, you come to Lansing, we’ll go bowling, then finish up shooting pool.

    The sneaky pete story was hilarious. There is this one guy who hustles pool in tandem with his partner. Sometimes they show up seperately so it will look nonchalant. The one guy shoots, the other bets, or something like that. Or they’ll both shoot but they just bet on the one guy.

    So last night the guy who does the side bets is trying to act real casual. Then he sees one of the Leroy’s regulars unscrewing his stick and he says “What you got there? A sneaky pete? Is that what they call it?”

    Every pool player in the world knows what a sneaky pete is. He’s trying to come off like a novice.

    “Yeah” Zack answers, rolling his eyes. “That’s what they call it.”

    Dave can’t hold back. “Dammit at least you could try to come off more smoothe if your gonna try and hustle a mothafucka! “Is that a sneaky pete? Is that what you call it?” Damn man!!

    I about died laughing. From time to time for the rest of the night we would ask each other before a shot “Is that a sneaky pete you got there? Is that what you call it?”

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHAAA!!! Jive Turkey sucka!

  7. TB says:

    75 Over patch!

    Phelps, if you can wrangle me one of those, I’d gladly reimburse and then some.

    I could die a happy shark if I had a “75 over” patch.