Comic Book Super Villian

This rocks like nothing has ever rocked before. I have put a lot of thought and effort into this and I have finally created MY SUPER VILLIAN!!! You guys can look at it but you have to promise not to steal my idea. I am going to make money off of this. A lot of freaking money!!!

19 Responses to “Comic Book Super Villian”

  1. Amanda says:

    Your idea safe from me.

    BTW, I’m debating whether or not to be really evil to someone on the list and issue a sincere sounding apology to take the winds out of his sails.

  2. Sir Courvoisier says:

    Where is the Malt Liquor?

  3. Mexigogue says:

    That’s a whole ‘nother evil villian altogether (jogging-suit man). I’m going to make a whole slew of them, including drunken E-mail man (also based on me). Then they’re going to all team up to have some sort of truimvirate. They’ll be like the Fantastic Three!

  4. Sir Courvoisier says:

    Make them all the same dude and make him schitzo every week he can have a new adventure depending where his mind is at. One week he can be jogging suit man the next drunken email man and so on….Hell he can even be so crazy that as ESCALATARIO he is a good guy trying to solve the crimes that the jogging suit guy commits. Dude that would make an awesome comic!!

    Check this out I got drunked up and met this hot chick yesterday. I think I can bang her pretty easily. But there is a twist! She is a recovering lesbian! How hot is that? munch munch munch

  5. Mexigogue says:

    Heh heh! Not a has been, a les been! Is it, like, a 12 step program?? WTF?

  6. Sir Courvoisier says:

    I think she got mixed up with a church. No better social engineering than some good ole God/Allah guilt

  7. TB says:

    ESCALATARIO! genious!

    and everyone knows trolls live behind escalators.

    mitch hedberg reset:
    “I saw a sign that said “Escalator out of order.” That’s bullshit man, Escalators are never out of order, they just become stairs”

  8. Nice Rack says:

    Will Drunken e-mail man hit on Rack Girl? Beware, because she knows martial arts, and a pool cue is her weapon of choice. If feeling extremely violent, she may chalk you to death.

  9. Phelps says:

    How about Sanderman, based on the old Darwin Award winner? They guy who was getting off on the belt sander belt and got his meat-and-two-veg caught up in the works? For the super-villian version, he could have the whole shebang torn off, and he can fix it with various household tools, like electric screwdrivers and paint sprayers and chainsaws and such.

  10. Mexigogue says:

    Warning note on Black and Decker Sanding Belts: Not to be used as a sexual aid, M’kay?

    Drunken E-mail man hit on Rack girl? Outrageous! It could never happen! All Drunken E-mail has to do is send out another E-mail in the morning stating that the first one was a virus, wala, problem solved!

    Sanderman sounds like a really good character. This is a wealth of ideas!

  11. Sir Courvoisier says:

    Sanderman rocks….His costume can include a big cod-piece like the guy from Cameo used to wear. Instaed of “Word Up” his catch phrase can be “Buffed Up”

  12. Nice Rack says:

    Rack Girl will cut off his e-mailing member if he ever gives her a virus.

  13. Mexigogue says:

    (going off half cocked like John Wayne Bobbit)

  14. Sir Courvoisier says:

    Are drunken emails the same as after the bar drunken phone calls?

  15. Mexigogue says:

    The drunken E-mails don’t interrupt somebody’s sleep, which is a good point. But that means they read your nonsensical ravings in the sober light of day, which is a bad point. Even worse, they can be cut and pasted and forwarded and even be made into a chain letter in the worst of all worlds. So it’s all relative. Basically the same monster, different delivery system.

  16. Mexigogue says:

    Dammit. I haven’t touched politics in a week. Been going for the cheap laughs. This blog has sunk to caricature of itself.

    I’m just finishing up the 3rd book that Phelps lent me. First I read the white guy libertrarian book, then I read the black guy libertarian book, now I’m finishing the economics guy book (Eat the Rich). Then there are two others I haven’t got to yet. Damn good books. Too bad I can’t remember who wrote them .

  17. Phelps says:

    A comedy columnist and two talk show hosts. Really.

  18. Mexigogue says:

    You’re fired too!

  19. The "D" says:

    aMike you have to be one of the funniest people I know. You can get paid off this. You have to work the 40 oz into the story line.