Name Change for Jap Road

I love news stories like this. Beaumont Texas recently voted to change the name of Jap Road which had orginally been named in honor of a Japanese family that introduced rice farming to the region 100 years ago but which recently had stirred controversy because the term Jap has now taken on the connotation of a racial slur.

Without weighing in on whether or not this was the right decision, I would like to point out that it’s funny how words develop negative connotations where none originally existed. My daughter said something about bad words once, to which I responded “Words are neither positive or negative in and of themselves. They only have the value that people attach to them.” Ok, I’m kind of biting off of Shakespeare’s “A rose by any other name” thing here but you get the idea.

There was once a question of whether or not it was ok to refer to Jewish people as Jews. Some people found it offensive in the short version. Others, even Hebrews, said it was quite ok. Jewish, OK. Jew Ok too. Japanese. Ok. Jap, bad. Hmmmm. . . . So it’s not the shortening itself that makes the word bad, I think it has more to do with World War II than anything else. After all, we don’t really have a beef with Thailand so it’s still ok for us to refer to Thai food and Thai people.

Then there’s words like retard. You can’t say that anymore or shit will hit the fan. Hey, don’t call that guy a retard. Say he’s slow. Well check it out the American Heritage College Dictionary’s definition for retard:

re tard 1. A slowing down or hindering of progress.

Hmmm. . . You can’t call someone a retard, which means slow, but you can call them slow. Okie dokie.

When I was little people used to talk about getting gypped out of something. I didn’t know then that it was a reference to the gypsies, who are famous for, among other things, gypping people out of stuff. So I think it’s wrong to talk about getting gypped. Ditto for using the term Jew as a verb.

So in conclusion, these retards in Beaumont just changed the name of a road which gypped the Jap family for whom it was originally named. Hey, I think that would have been a better title for the article. What to jew think?

16 Responses to “Name Change for Jap Road”

  1. Sir Courvoisier says:

    How ’bout they change all the Martin Luther King Blvds in to Nigger Ave. or Coon hwy? Better yet how about Chavez road into Spic lane? Seriously they should rename that Jap road I suggets Gook street ahahahahahaah!!!

  2. Phelps says:

    There are a lot of words that are still used like that in Texas. If you are haggling with someone, you are trying to jew them down. People still get Gyped here, but sometimes they don’t give a Tinker’s damn.

    Oh, and Dude, Jap is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.

  3. Phelps says:

    Hey, SC, did you know that Dallas is the only city in the country where MLK and Malcolm X cross? Maybe they could change that to Dreamstreet and Killwhitey.

    I don’t know how that is relavent to the thread, but that has never stopped us before.

  4. Mexigogue says:

    I like the scene in “The Last Dragon” when that little dude refers to his brother as “Chocolate covered yellow peril.”

    And dude. . . Beating the shit out of chickens? What is that, the KFC version of Rocky working out in the meat locker? In fact they should play that PETA tape with the Rocky music in the background.

    Ha ha! Japanese-American nomenclature.

    Hey, from now on only I can call myself “Mexigogue”. The rest of you have to refer to me as the American of Mexican Descent-gogue.

  5. Mexigogue says:

    When asked to comment on the street’s name change, a local Japanese resident had this to say: “ROOK OUT!! IT’S GODZIRRA!!!!”

  6. Sir Courvoisier says:

    I am fighting an addictive unwinnable war. About a month ago I started reeading the spam in my spam box. Big mistake! In an effort to curb my spam I decided that I would start clicking the unsubscribe button on each and everyt spam. Now I am addicted to getting off of mailing lists and I can’t stop unsubscribing. The only problem is the spammers are even more addicted to spamming me. This is strarting to really spiral out of control and I can’t stop.

  7. Mexigogue says:

    Oh my god. That reminds me, Phelps do you still have those instructions on how to unsubscribe, the ones involving that thing you order and you have to hand crank it at so many revolutions per minute? That was you who posted that right?

  8. TB says:

    I’m so glad you made this post Mexiclassy. Who’s father hasn’t called them “japs” at the dinner table when we were growin up? don’t lie..

    I LOVE to point people in the direction of “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” whenever this topic comes up. In this epic piece of motion photography, Ted (Keanu) and Bill Preston constantly call anyone they deem as an idiot or mean “fags” It’s the greatest ever to go back to a time when people weren’t idiots and words were just that… words.

    take that fags.

  9. TB says:

    You’re first post fucken killed me Sir C., because it reminded me when me and my friends made an entire monopoly board with many of those same (and much worse) street names…I think one of the railroads was called “ol’ coon diggin track factory” or somethin like that.

    I love me.

  10. Phelps says:

    No, I didn’t post that. I remember giving instructions tha involved heading down to WalMart, buying a Remmington 12 gauge, and making sure you get your whole head in front of the barrel so you don’t screw up and just blow your face off like those Judas Priest kids.

    SC, the worst thing you can do is click unsubscribe. In fact, even opening them is bad. In the beginning, when you would ask to be removed, that just told the bastards that it was a real email address with a real person on the other side. Now, they don’t even rely on that — when you open them, they have a tiny graphic in it that your email client downloads, and THAT tells them that someone at your address looked at it. Stop reading them, stop replying at all.

    Oh, and for Mexi:

  11. Sir Courvoisier says:


    I can’t stop I am addicted. I need to go to spam rehab, but when I come back there are going to be more spams to delete and more and more and more ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Suicide may be the only option for me….

  12. Mexigogue says:

    This blog is to weirdos who a porch light is to moths. You guys should be more normal, like me.

  13. Phelps says:

    Remember, SC: Side to side, ambulance ride. Up and down, no more frown.

  14. TB says:

    Phelpsicle, I don’t even know what that means, but I love it!

    I’ve heard Beer before liquor, never sicker
    Liquor before Beer, you’re in the clear

  15. Phelps says:

    It’s an instruction guide for slitting your wrists the right way.