Really Cool E-mail

Hey, I was just E-mailing this girl about something and at the bottom of the E-mail I added this:

Hey, when you’re like 70, and all old and busted and
blew out looking, and nobody wants to be with you
anymore, and your dog dies, can I move into that cage
and be your dog? That will be cool as long as I can
blog from there!

Damn! Is that cool or what?

14 Responses to “Really Cool E-mail”

  1. THE "D" says:

    I want to know if she said Yes!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Haha! I just wanted to say “old and busted”!

  3. THE "D" says:

    I call my ex that all the time.

  4. Mexigogue says:

    I once sent my ex an E-mail that said “Hey, remember when you used to love me? Ha ha!! Sucker!!!!!!!!”

  5. The Sicilian says:

    That’s screwed up.

  6. Mexigogue says:

    Well, she should have thought about it before she went and got all busted.
    (and old)

  7. THE "D" says:

    Piston’s Win Tonight Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nice Rack says:

    So far she has not said yes, because she does not plan on ever being old and busted up. At my age, cellulite-free I might add, I still look damn good even without an ass. And it is that lack of ass that has kept my thighs looking like an 18-year-old’s. And D, I don’t feel catty about remarking on cellulite, because I just wanted to state that I’m glad that I don’t have it. The girl can get as much attention as you want to give her because she has an ass and is pretty, I’ve never denied that. I do know that you could put me on jeopardy, and I wouldn’t end up in the negative balance, lol. Everybody headed to the spot to watch the game tonight, then I will see you there.

  9. THE "D" says:

    “Give the girl a hand clap” Way to come in strong on the Blog girl……I give you props like a mutha. Yeah I would love to be your partner on jeopardy.

    Damn Mike she camin strong go ahead with your bad ass.

    Damn Big Probs L

  10. Mexigogue says:

    Fine Lauri! I didn’t wanna blog from your doggy cage anyway! Jive turkey sucka!

  11. Nice Rack says:

    Hey D, what do you mean by Damn Big Probs L? I’m a white girl don’t forget, I don’t get the slang. Did you mean props? And Mr. Meximan, remember that I also never said no, I just said that I don’t plan on ending up old and busted and blewed out. If I ever end up saggy and nasty, sure you can live in my dog’s cage. When are we going to start training for jeopardy?

  12. Mexigogue says:

    Sweet!! The doggy cage is back on the table. I HAVE A RETIREMENT PLAN!!!!!!!

  13. THE "D" says:

    Big Props mean………………. I am giving you alot of respect for your last comment.

    Yu could have been all catty but you were not. It is cool that you are having fun on the blog!

  14. Nice Rack says:

    I honestly don’t know if you would fit in the dog cage. I’ll bring it to the barbeque and you can test it out if you want to. If it’s warm, I will be in little shorts and of course a shirt that shows off the best of what I have, which is above the waist. Then when you are in the cage, you can drool.

    Thanks D