Mexigogue Turns Advice Columnist

A member of an internet list I belong to posted an ethical dilemma and I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to take a stab at being an advice columnist. I’ve obtained permission from this person to reproduce his issue and my response here:

I (male) have a friend (female), who has got a boyfriend. I met her on a party and we were both quite drunk (she propably more than me)and we ended up under some trees, heavy petting, when some other friends came and abandoned it they were rather shocked.

Now I am getting blamed for exploiting this poor girl, who loves only her boyfriend(she told me something different that night! …) and her reputation is down the drain. She says she can’t remember one thing, which does not help me a lot in my situation. She also had the pleasure to tell this thing to her boyfriend, on his birthday…

When I met her two days later she suggested to just forget this whole thing (which shouldn’t be a big deal for her) in order to sustain our friendship. I agreed. But I can’t just “forget” this, at best I can pretend, that’s what I do at the time. It is not very comfortable right now for me, for I have to go to the prom, where not only she,but also her boyfriend will be present.

Well, I just cannot stop thinking about this situation, I guess I put myself in this position, anyhow I needed to tell this someone (I can’t talk about it with my
friends because I don’t attach great importance to recalling this whole story – I’m really not proud of it).

Maybe some of you know a similar sitiuation or just want to give their
two cents, I’d appreciate it.


That is a nice summation of the problem. And here was my response


First off, high five is in order. Second of all, that is BS for her or anyone else to throw the blame on you. Third, gotta LOVE her sense of timing for telling him on his birthday. All women have something of the devil in them.

Ya gotta love dilemmas like this. I would also like to add, why is it that the man should be more at fault than the woman? If anything I blame HER for acting inconsistent.

5 Responses to “Mexigogue Turns Advice Columnist”

  1. The Sicilian says:

    Technically, she was the one being unfaithful. Not the guy, so, having something to loose, she was being more reckless.
    The guy should quit being bothered by the situation and tell her to F off. Then, he should go get drunk with some new chics.

  2. Phelps says:

    Here’s my conclusions:

    She is stupid.

    I may not have known that she was stupid (or tolerated it because she was a hottie) before, but I do now.

    I don’t hang out with stupid people, and I sure as hell don’t consider them my friends.

    I think that covers it. Grow a pair, man!

  3. whoa whoa whoa…did I read the word *prom*?

    girls that young aren’t ready for random sex…because they just wanna be in love. to them, sex equals love, when really, love has nothing to do with sex.

  4. Booga says:

    The guy is being blamed for expoiting the “poor girl” ? That’s total bullshit. Is this the same girl/woman/person who ended up in Kobe’s room in the middle of the night?
    You my friend, are the one being exploited.

  5. THE "D" says:

    Okay I have been in this situation on both sides. back in college my friend macked out on a girl that I liked………Well I did not like her I just wanted to F her. Still the fact remains my friend is not to blame it was the hoe that is to blame.

    This guy should enjoy life and look for another one of his freaky friends to get drunk and enjoy!