Time to Align with a Political Party

Well, it’s about that time again. For the record, I voted for Bush in ’88, Clinton in ’92 and ’96, then Dubya in ’00. So far then I’ve split 2-2 between the Democrats and the Republicans. Although I loathe to do so, I must align again for a time. Let’s see, which party best describes me?

Strong centralized government, feminazi, baby killing, affirmative action, welfare funding, soft on crime, public school spending, gay rights marching, anti gun, demand side economics (tax and spend), religion hostile, Israel funding, peacefully anti Muslim (killed 2 million Iraqi civilians with US sanctions against Iraq.)

States rights advocating, anti-feminist, anti-choice, non affirmative action, anti welfare, fill the prisons, school voucher advocating, anti gay, gun nut, supply side economics (trickle-down), Bible belting, Israel funding, bellicose anti-Muslim (continues war on Iraqis even though WMD and Hussein have ceased to exist as causes.)

Sigh. . . I miss the cold war.

4 Responses to “Time to Align with a Political Party”

  1. gvslim says:

    anti muslim? No!!! Pro American/World economy!

  2. Phelps says:

    Look at it this way — they both suck, but at least with Bush you’ll have more beer money. And his name even sounds like a beer brand. If Kerry gets into office, he’ll probably pass a new beer tax and a wine subsidy.

  3. The Sicilian says:

    I’m just a capitalist and A mixture of my own political party that hopefully will colonize another planet in another solar system once I complete my time machine.

  4. A David Million says:

    If I were an Iraqi, I’d be pro-Bush. When given the option of either starving to death in a slow and anguishing experience that is not too disimilar from actually listening to a bleeding heart liberal, or getting blown to smithereens in one swift, quick motion, the latter seems easier to stomach.