John Kerry’s Inner Circle

To the tune of the Beatles’ “Revolution”: Don’t you know it’s gonna beeeee, all white!
The left. . .. the right. . . . .. I think I’m gonna take my ballot and fold it into a football. Somebody kick their fingers up like a goalpost!!

7 Responses to “John Kerry’s Inner Circle”

  1. THE "D" says:

    Now I am on the fence on this one. Let’s say that I was running for President. HAHAHAHA!!! I am just using this as an example. I would have the most qualified person in each important area of my campaign. Usually this would include people that have been with me through the thick and thin of politics. My inner circle would be diverse because it is imppossible to only choose one race to help you win a campaign. Kerry could not find one qualified person (any minority) to run one area of the campaign. This I cannot believe. That scares me a little.

  2. Mexigogue says:

    When I seize power (notice I didn’t say anything about the electoral process), my inner circle will be diverse, not for diversities sake, but as you speak saying the best for the job cannot possibly reside all in one race. Phelps: My Minister of Defense. Dave: My Minister of Offense. My brother: Minister of Special Teams. Monique: Psychological Torture. Serena Williams, the chick from Evanesence, and Shawn’s ex girlfriend. .. just sit there and look good. Ha ha ha! MWAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHA(hiccup!)AHAHHAHA! ahha. . . ahhaaa. . . haa. . hooooooo!

  3. THE "D" says:

    I am sitting at work cracking up!!!!!!!!!

  4. Marcos says:

    I’ll accept the Special Teams job as long as it’s in tandem with the post of ambassador to either the Philippines or Thailand. Hell, I’ll take both. I’m feeling patriotic like that.

  5. Don José says:

    I’ll be your nemesis. Hell, everybody needs one.

  6. Phelps says:

    Hey, D, I think you just admitted to be a Republican. You just explained exactly why Condi Rice and Colin Powell are in their positions and why crooks like Henry Cisneros didn’t need to be in Clinton’s cabinet even though they were brown.

  7. Mexigogue says: