Last night I played a pool player who subs for the team that just finished number one on the Monday night BCA pool league team in Lansing. Rever is the dog! In fact, Dave who is beating me down 16-6 in the Chicken Wars, is his protege. But last night I put together a very good game and I beat Rever. The last few shots were easy shots and leaves but I took great care not to mess up because nerves will do that to you if you’re on the cusp of beating a great player. After I won, a couple dudes I know were laughing at me. I asked Shawn what he was laughing at. He said “Your hands were shaking when you were shooting at that nine ball!”

I got down to one shot away from the 8-ball against Ramiro Sanchez, the guy with the highest BCA average in Lansing. I made some ridiculous shots that game and other people were oohing but I wasn’t impressed. I wanted the ‘W’ dammit. Of course, it’s my blog so if I wanted to I could say I banked the 8 two rails and Ramiro burst into tears and I went home with his girlfriend, but that wouldn’t be right. In truth, he sank the 8 ball on me, I burst into tears, and he went home with his own girlfriend, but whatever.

Today I’m supposed to do 3 things: I’m supposed to go to this chick’s house and shoot pool with her (she’s got her own pool table plus.) I’m also supposed to go to the pool hall and practice getting draw on the long green shots. And I’m supposed to be going to this other chick’s house to cookout. I can’t do all three in one day. I’m leaning against doing the cookout, as that’s the only event without a pool table. It’s a damn shame when your life gets focused on one thing like that. But it pays off when you can jump on the blog and say ‘I beat Rever!’ Heh! I like the sound of that!

3 Responses to “Addiction”

  1. THE "D" says:

    You played very well that night! How did the practicing go the other day at pockets?

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Didn’t go to Pockets. Went to Peanut’s. Jankey ass pool table. But I’m hittin’ ’em low now. Ken and Lauri noticed the difference. Got some REAL good leaves against Aaron. He said luck sack. I said y’all need to quit sayin’ that. If it happens that often, it ain’t luck. Dammit.

  3. THE "D" says:

    Once you master the cue control Mike you will be Da Man!!